Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Win Number 31

I am on Bath Body and Candle a lot, well because I love bath Body and candles so much. They do a giveaway for what seems to be everyday. They are all etsy soap, body supplies, or candle makers. I won one of the soap makers giveaways. I love handmade soap, Jaime and I are hooked after I won the last one. he has taken to the Lush soap now that we have one of those nearby. Klamath Rivers Finest is the awesome etsy store I get to pick soap from, I am going to be picking some peppermint soap and some gingerbread soap me thinks!

Update: The soap took a while to get but it came with some extras which was great of the etsy shop, and she didn't charge me shipping either! My husband said the gingerbread soap was the most awesome smelling soap ever! I loved everything she sent me, im still using the peppermint now!