Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Win Number 121!

I think I have mentioned in the passed that there are many blogs that I read every single day and that I truly love, Stephanies blog is one of them, Metropolitan Mama is one of them. I have been reading her blog for what seems to be forever and I have actually won multiple times from Stephanie as well. She is a gerat lady and a wonderful Mom, I highly recomend her! I also won a great necklace from her blog this week and from "Grace tags Necklaces". Thanks so much and be sure to check out Stephanies blog, I can't say enough good things about her.

Win Number 120!!!

Win Number 120 is here!!! I keep hitting good numbers and I am so super excited, especially because I have to take a break from entering for a few weeks while I go do some new work for my company! Skoy clothes are apparently awesome to have around the house, I will soon be able to confirm since I have got a big pack coming care of Duds or Deals for Moms!

Win Number 119!

Almost to 120!!!

Thanks to Sonya's Happenings and Loveable Labels for the great mulit purpose packs of labels for Delia's daycare! I got some really cute pink labels for her since Diego already has them from Mabels Labels, I should do a side by side comparison! They are on their way so i can't wait to get them and start naming everything that's hers!

Thanks again.

Win Number: 118

A big thanks to Oceanspray and Michele's little bit of this and that blog. I recieved the other day a box of six ocean spray fruit snacks! I have to say I was expecting coupons so when I got a huge box in the mail my first thought was actually that I had won something better. I was still happy though, it saves me the grief of holding up people in line, just kidding I always have 100 coupons anyways. I use self check out so I can warn people. I tried a pack last night, 80 cals a bag by the way. They were delicous and I sent two boxes to school with Diego to give to school with him for his Valentines Day Party.

Win Number: 117

Purex runs tons of giveaways and contests, I feel like they have been in the blog giveaway circuit for quite some time now as a matter of fact. Well just from participating in one of their sweeps I was able to walk away with a one year subscription to Better Homes, WOOT! I had actually completely forgotten about this until I got an email, a zillion of my fellow OLS'ers got them as well. It's a fantastic prize ever though I didn't win anything big I still love free magazines! Thanks Purex!