Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Win Number: SIX ZERO!!!!

Some times I enter contests because I think I would like the prize, and sometimes I enter them because I freakin love the prize and must have it. This was one of those cases. I rented Whip It and I feel in love, I kind of wish I would have seen it in the theaters. it was cute,and inspirational, well written and had a great cast.

There are tons of these floating around and I entered my share but i found out today I won! I won from Rockin' Mama who just happens to be an an awesome bloggin' mama that I have won from in the past. I totally dig her blog, her look, style, and writing. I couldn't be happier to win from her again!

I already saw the movie so I probably won't write an update, but maybe I will let you know if I loved as much the second time around.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Win Number: 59

Two wins in one week, I am back on my roll people! I am also almost to win number 60. I do read Minnesota Mama's blog very frequently, she holds tons of reviews and contests on a pretty regular basis. She recently held a contest for your choice of some Sandra Magsamen items and I won! I am choosing two of these frames because they are super cute and because you can never have too many picture frames. Go check out her blog and enter some of her giveaways, like I said she is hosting tons!

Update: I received these in like three days, never got anything that fast! I love the frames but the wire that goes into the ceramic part of the frame comes right out and had to be glued.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Win Number: 58

Traveling with MJ and Planeteye Travler hosted a contest in which they were giving away one of the popular petcentric Rachael Ray gift bags. There is no picture of the gift bag and I have no idea what is all included but I won it and will definatly update you on what I got when I get it! Im excited, it's almost like a surprise win.

In the mean time you can check out their sites above!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Win Number: 57

In case you hadn't noticed macy's is having a huge campaign for the American Heart Association. The Go red campaign is all over the internet and all over all my favorite blogs. I entered each one I saw and pledged to wear red, why wouldn't you, macy's will even give you extra off your purchase just for wearing red.

The Mom Reviews hosted one of these awesome giveaways, among many others that I wish I could win, I enter all of her giveaways! I was the lucky winner of the Macy's card, $25 whole bucks to spend on whatever I want! I said I wanted new Martha Plates and that might just be what I get too!

head on over and check out The Mom Reviews, if anything there's a ton of awesome reviews and giveaway opportunities in it for you.

Update: I did receive my Gift card and I will be using it this weekend to purchase a new black shrug to war over a party dress for Saturday!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Win Number: 56 (First Win of February!)

Ahhhhh, I can finally relax, I was totally having win withdraw. I have been doing an extra amount of blog reading and contest entering, one because the football season is over so I am freed up a tiny bit at work, and two because so many more review blogs and Mom blogs exist for me to peruse. I was hitting up "A day in the Life" for her coupon deals and money saving tips. I entered to win a $25 Star Bucks gift card a while back. The best part is the comment was about getting debt free this year, I have to work harder, I am losing site already...

Well anyway, getting this gift card means I will be able to treat myself because part of my plan is not spending an money on things we don't need, and while the coffee here at work is a far cry from the ginger bread latte it is free.

Thank you to Christina for all her coupons and money saving tips and also for the coffee, the $25 will get me about a months worth of coffee treats im sure! go check her out here!

Update: I got my gift card in the mail, I can't wait to splurge on my coffee addiction. A slew of vanilla lattes is in my near future.