Thursday, September 24, 2015

Win #297

It's been a while since I did a Twitter Party.  I started back up because Coupon Clipinista posts them each day.  I go to the list and usually pick one or two that I can do during the day and I aim for the ones that are giving away toys or gift cards.  I joined in on the TTPM Live Twitter party and via an intense round of trivia questions was able to come out victorious with a 4 pack of Barbie Rock and Royals Mini Dolls!  Twitter parties are easy, they are just time consuming, and it's pretty much all chance, although the more you tweet and re-tweet the more you are entering.  I hope there will be many more Twitter wins in my future since I am taking the time to do them again!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Winning all the cash by taking surveys

I usually take online surveys for cash or gift cards all year long, I had a few months this year that I went dormant, for personal reasons.  When my son started talking about wanting a play-station for Christmas I got a little bit of sticker shock because those run $400.  So I made it my mission (Since August) to make $400 in survey money to cover the cost of the play-station, that way I spend nothing out of pocket and Christmas will be fun and not cost that much.  Right now I am up to $287, I think I am going to be able to do this.  I take them in the morning and when I am on lunch, in all my spare time.

It took a while to weed out the really profitable sites and the ones that are easy to work with and have the best surveys and cash out options.  I do have to credit Coupon Clipinista, even though she banned me for no reason and I can no longer like or comment anything there, for the guidance to be able to choose the right sites.  She also has excellent tips on how to make the most from them.

So without further ado, here are the sites i use and the money I have made thus far this year (With a huge break)

Valued Opinions - I have made $100 so far, they do not offer too many survey's, but they do send you an email when they are available.  They have good rewards and you can cash out Pay Pal or Amazon.  They do charge a lot for redemption, on my $100 I will only get $75 in gift cards.

InstaGC - Endless, endless surveys and offers.  Adds up fast and you can cash out Pay Pal or Amazon.  Some of the offers can be spammy but for the most part it's awesome.  I have about $45 for 2 months worth.

Opinion Outpost - Lots of easy surveys, can cash out Pay Pal or Amazon, they send you emails, Easy to rack up money on here.  I have about $60 in two months.

Ibotta- This is an app I use on my phone and if you use it you can cash in on groceries you already buy.  Im up to $35 in two months, can cash out directly to Pay Pal and this is free.

There you have it, I hope you make a ton of money, wish me luck that I make my $400 for my sons Play-Station in time!

Win #295 and #296 Movies!

I actually won two Instant wins that were for movies!  The first one was courtesy of Dasani, thanks for allowing me to Sparkle on!

I also won two free movie tickets from Sun-maid instantly!  They are promoting Pan but it says on the slip I printed out that it is good for any movie at all!

Im going to grab popcorn and hit the theater soon, thanks instant wins!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Win #294

Second Facebook win comes from commenting on Mastrads Facebook page, I won a delightful little ice cream scooper that works wonders, again i tossed my old busted one, at some point I'll just replace everything in my house with something I won!

Win #293

It's been a while since I won a Facebook Giveaway.  Thanks to on Facebook I was able to score a brand new cookware set, I requested blue and they did send me the blue ones!  They are ceramic on the inside and so non-stick I love them!  I actually threw away a bunch of pots and pans after I got this from them.  All i had to do was like and comment, it's just that easy sometimes!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Win #292

Another tobacco related win, thanks to USA Gold I was able to score a $25 gift card!  I'll take that any day of the week!  They run instant win games all throughout the year just like the other companies.

Win #291

Thank you to the Pleated Paisley and The Funky Monkey blog!  I was able to choose any earnings I wanted from her Etsy store, it was a hard choice actually!  I got a pair of anchor earnings for my best friend and they are fabulous!

Win #290

This is my second Bouncy Box giveaway that I won, this mat that I use for at my kitchen sink is a life saver and an awesome win!

Win #289

Thanks to my daily instant win list, I was able to score an awesome Gerber Chew U care package that will contain baby clothes, food and coupons!!!


Is a freebie a win? Im not sure but I figured I would share this one because I get a ton of freebies all the time, thanks CC.  This one came from the Skoal website, I also got a water bottle from Camel that was free that I am drinking from right now.  Coming in the mail shortly is a monogrammed ash tray from Marlboro.  You don't have to smoke to join these sites, and they give away tons of stuff.

Win #288 First Bouncy Box Win

If you don't know what bouncy box giveaways are you are missing out... on a lot of disappointment, and also a lot of fun.  They are easy giveaways from Amazon that anyone can host.  If you had been following Coupon Clipinista you would know what these are, they are all over her page.  This is the first one that I won, they are hard and require no skill, it's all luck lol.

Win #287

Thanks to my holy grail Coupon Clipinista I was able to easily score a full size pack of Oreo thins sent right to my door.  If you want to win things all you have to do to start out is follow her on Facebook and do what she says, im not kidding, it's really easy.

Win #286

The Win of Bacon

I enter all the tabacco related sweepstakes, they do great instants, lots of prizes and it's very easy.  I won another from the Skoal site!  Bacon Jerky, who doesn't want to win Bacon?

Win #285

Im not sure exactly how to classify this win, I signed up for the Smiley360 site, this site allows you to create a profile, then retailers who want you to essentially mystery shop, or try products can offer them to you.  I took on the mission of going to a sleep number store and trying one of their new products, then by sharing on Social Media I qualified for a free pillow that is worth about $75.  I worked at it so i call this a legit win!  Here's a link to smiley if you would like to try it out!

Pinch Me Sample Boxes

It isn't a win technically so I won't be putting it up as one, but the Pinch me sample boxes are lot's of fun, I got one recently and just ordered another.  You sign up for the site, you take the surveys about the products you like (takes like ten minutes), then you get samples to claim, add to your box, and get sent right to your home for free!  This sample of cat treats is coming in my next box, my cats will be pretty stoked.  Here's a link if you want to give it a go!

Win #283 and 284

The Corona Sweep is still running, I won an awesome flip flop bottle opener and a coozy that is like a giant slap bracelet!

Win #282

Funky Money Blog is one of my favorite, as I am sure you well know.  I win from her a lot, I enter all of the contests and they are very easy.  I scored a beautiful With Good intention Necklace that turned into a set with a matching bracelet because the seller took so long.  Thanks to Susannah at Funky Monkey and the folks at Good Intention.

Win #281

The posts will be short as I was on a hiatus, not from winning, because there has been lots of that going on!  I was just working really hard at work and now I can take a deep breath and play catch up on all these crazy wins!

So without further ado!

This awesome Hoo-Rag will look super cool whilst I drive around in the fall.  Plus I am a collector of all things creepy and Halloween related, welcome to my brain, sorry I didn't mean to scare you.  Thanks to Texas Mommy Savings