Monday, January 28, 2013

Creative win# 157!

I love to enter creative giveaways but they often require voting and that makes me hate them with every once of my body, voting contests are hands down the worst thing ever and they are completely unfair in every sense of the word, BUT LET ME TELL YOU HOW I REALLY FEEL!

Well sometimes if you take an extra five minutes to enter a creative giveaway, like this one where The Flairist just wanted to know who your ideal houseguest would be and why.  I was the only one to actually type more than 2 sentences out of almost 90 people.  So obviously I took this one for mine!

here's my entry: "My ideal houseguest would be Martha Stewart. We would make doilies, she would teach me how to properly fold a fitted sheet and together we would make the most amazing beef wellington my family will have ever hoped to taste. In between all of the doilies and properness we’ll secretly discuss prison and how she spruced up her cell and I will educate her on the history of tattoos and abstract expressionism. She’ll be gracious even though I will cut her off often to interject about how one time I made a baby blanket and I learned to use a calligraphy pen to adress my own wedding invitations. Then, when her time closes I will wake up in the morning to fresh squeezed orange juice and a handwritten note on the finest stationary thanking me for letting her be my guest. She will have made the bed, organized my kitchen junk drawers and alphabetized my life. Yes. Yes, martha. You have and always will have an open invitation to my home."

They hold contests like this often and I plan on entering them frequently now that I know how fun they are.  I also can not wait to get this serving set, it's awesome!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Win #156!

Im not sure if I said this already but a couple of my friends are all super awesome and preggo!  I have been stashing and stock piling all things baby!  This means I put all the baby giveaways back into rotation!  I have done really well so far and I am putting together baskets and such.  Akron Ohio Moms was kind enough to review and giveaway Colic Calm, I used this when my son had bad colic, urgh god I can't even think about it, it still gives my nightmares.  Thanks to Akron Ohio Moms and Colic Calm for adding another fantastical goody to my baby basket!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Win #155

A few weeks ago as I mentioned in a previous post I started religiously following the Funky Monkey blog.  I have been an email subscriber to them for a really long time and I am not sure what caused our flame to smolder but now it is completely rekindled and engulfing my morning blog readings.  I can't get enough of the craftiness here, it's just outstanding.  There were a few really great Etsy-heavy blogs I read in the past and they seemed to fizzle out.  I digress.

I won a beautiful typographical print from In or Out Designs!  Thanks again to Susannah at Funky Monkey for making my morning lovely again and for holding SO many contests, I plan to win many more in the future.  She really wants everyone to visit her blog so check her out, but please don't enter anything because I need the odds to remain in my favor ;)

Update: I got this print and framed it, I gave it to a friend of mine that I felt really needed it.  I wound up making her cry, she hung it on the wall and I think this was a double win for me because I got to help someone!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Win #154

Another Facebook win for me, I am really striking gold on Facebook these days.  Handmade with Love by Leah just so happens to be a great friend of mines online store.  She makes scarves, pillows, blankets and some super crafty odds and ends.  I think I am going to either choose a blanket or a wreath from her and I am super stoked of course!  Check her out if you can, she's a local mom and her blankets sell like hotcakes so get em while they're hot!

Update: I got my Wreath in the mail and it is spectacular!  The best thing ever is that we won the Superbowl and I got a Ravens wreath for my front door, we'll be sporting it till next football season!

Win #153!

Natural products Network is a fantastic company that offers natural products at excellent prices and great coupons as well.  They have a Facebook page where they hold many contests and their website is free to use, you just set up an account and you're done!  They held a contest and Posted the first name and last initial of the winner, turns out there were two of us that have that first name and last initial, go figure.  I don't know if I was the true winner or not but the company was kind enough to send us both a prize.  I received a really nice scarf made of recycled plastic bottles and some really sweet affirmation cards.  Thanks to Natural Product network for being so cool to let us both win and also for having such an upstanding company.

Update: I received a recycled scarf made from plastic bottles and some inspirational cards, a really thoughtful thing to send a person who didn't even really win.

Win #152

Funky Monkey is a blog I started visiting daily!  I came across them about a month ago and now I am so hooked.  They feature contests almost everyday, they feature crafty and handmade things.  Everything is beautiful and girly.  I won for my first time form them a $150 credit to the etsy store: "Days Gone Design" and they have the most wonderful wedding invitations and personalized paper products!  I am going to get some lovely Holiday cards for next year and I can't tell you how excited I am for that.  I hope you'll all check out both Funky Monkey and Days Gone.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Win #151! We're on a roll for 2013

Im hitting the sweeps hard in my spare time in 2013!  I have a ton of pregnant friends right now so those baby sweeps and blog giveaways are on the top of my list while I gather their gifts!  I was one of 100 winners from Mommy Words and their team up with Brica to give away 100 of the awesome Mega Mirrors.  These come in super handy since our kids have to sit rear facing until they are 15 years old.  I am now in the running with 100 others to win a $100 Babies R Us giftcard also, SCORE!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First win of 2013!!! #150

YAY! I was starting to feel very unlucky when over a week into the New year I hadn't won anything.  My first win of 2013 and the 150th win overall is not a big win but it is pretty awesome, and not to mention I won this prize out of about 46, 000 people!  Those odds are so awesome that I get a little excited.

Stay at Home Mom blog reached 10K fans on Facebook so they gave away six prizes and I just so happen to win the one I really wanted, the wooden family block sign.  Check it out here!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Win #149

The SKIL iXO Vivo power corkscrew may be the best thing I won over the holidays!  My Grandfather is the biggest wine buff you'll ever meet so when I won this I prayed I would get it in time for Christmas eve which is his birthday.  We'll it came with two days to spare and he was enthralled! Thanks Review Stew for making his Birthday so special!

Win #148

Thanks to the Jackson family Blog I was able to send a huge Gators fan in my family a very, very awesome pair of jeans for Christmas!  OCJ is the company and from what I hear they are amazing!

Win #147!

Mommy Mandy is awesome, I have one lots from her in the past, everything is easy, comes really fast, and it's all great stuff too!  She hosts a ton of giveaways for all sorts of items.  She's a great read as well so head on over there!  I won these awesome blocks that are a ton of fun!  They went in my Daughters stocking!

Win #146

I think this might be my first Facebook win.  I follow Elonka Nichole on Facebook  they give away a prize every Friday!  I always enter and I won this week!!!  Here is there website, they have way more than mimis, all kinds of awesome baby stuff!

Win #145

Thanks to Sippy cup Mom for hosting some great Holiday giveaways and for scoring me this awesome Bratz doll that I will be saving for Delia or another very special girl in my life's Birthday this year!

Win #144

I have won from the Simply Stacie blog in the past, she's got all the great stuff I want to try or that I already love to review and giveaway!  Plus her blog is really pink and I love it!  I won the fabreeze giveaway from her and I can't wait to get my house smelling awesome!

Win # 143!

I was a winner from Smile a Day Giveaways!  I won a set of handmade BB Blocks!  They capture the age of your kids in all your pictures and I love them.  They'll be a gift to a special friend whose having a baby in a few months but deep down I want to keep them.

Win #142

I'll say it again!  I love Gay NYC Dad!  He does so many giveaways and all easy entry too!  I won this awesome Thomas DVD from him and I can't wait to win again, because I enter them all!