Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Win #280

Small victories lol.  I have rekindled my love for instant wins, I am back on a roll!  I used to have to pay money on OLS to get access to the instant win lists and now I can get them for free so I am entering them all daily!  I hit this free Twix win after about 6 times, so thems good odds!

Win #279

I always feel weird classifying House Party items as wins, because technically I have to work to get them, I have to host the party and do all the Party Pact Activities etc...  I still feel like this one is hella amazing, I am so freakin' excited for this to come, plus the party pack they send is LOADED with cool free stuff for me to have and share!  House Party is a website where you can apply to receive and review things, you have to host a party where you share the product and the freebies with family and friends, check it out!

Win #278

The Coupon Clipinista posted in her instant wins section this awesome Skoal Sweeps where you can win new prizes each week.  I scored an awesome waves forever water bottle.  This is really an awesome and expensive bottle, I can't wait to get it.

Win #277

I has been a fantastic week of wins for me.  I have to thank The Coupon Clipinista for posting all of the instant wins that I wouldn't have access too with her help!  I scored a whole bunch of stuff and this one is part of the summer Corona Sweeps.  I won a pair a bottle opener sunglasses, they are a bit cheesy but my son will enjoy them I am sure!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Win #276

Literally immediately after the last post I went to check up on the Coupon Clipinista on Facebook and found a new instant win, she claimed it was "HOT HOT HOT".  I went, I entered my info, I tried and I instantly won on the first try!  You need to go follow the Coupon Clipnista and then you can enter all the instant wins too, and get daily reminders from her!

win #275

It may be a small win but I need to tell you the big way that I am finding these sweeps.  I have started following Coupon Clipinista on Facebook and I can barely keep up with the Sweeps, Instant Wins, Free Samples and Promos that she posts all day long.  I used to sign up to a premium membership to OLS to help me find the instant wins and special high value sweeps from various companies but the Clipinista gives them away just for trafficking her website.  I just have to say you'd be a sweeping idiot to not follow her, like her and enter the contests and sites she recommends, it's truly like having a little sweeping angel to help you along!

Win #274

Thanks to the Fashion Maven Mommy and her love of all things, Fashion, style, Hair and Makeup, I was able to score a bottle of Style Edit root concealer and dry shampoo!  I just received this one in the mail too, I will update as soon as I get to try it out.  Thanks to the Maven for another great win!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Win #273

The Wanderer Soul (Willowbey) is a new blog I just discovered!  She does a ton of giveaways and they are mostly low entry and all listed really easily on her side bar!  I won a cool Spiral Ninja and Im going to use it to eat healthier and try new recipes!!!

Win #272

Real Mom Reviews is a great blog for reviews on clothing, food, and gadgets!  She's another one that I visit often!  I was able to snag two smartphone pockets from one of her giveaways and im excited to put them on my gym shorts that don't have pockets and test them out.  What a cool little gadget!

Win #271

Koupon Karen is a great blog that I feel like has been around for so long!  I have seen a lot of review and giveaway blogs die over the years and this is one that I have been following for years.  Thanks to Koupon Karen this bad boy, LugaLake portable speaker system, (In silver) is now the best thing to happen to my kitchen since taco Tuesday.  I listen to my music on it and it holds my ipad so i can read recipes!  I love this one so much, I am super happy, thanks Koupon Karen!

Win #270

Kikkoman has a special social toaster part of their site you can go to if you want to be an "Insider" to the brand, they offer points per social media event you participate in etc...  It's fun and I get special coupons and discounts for participating.  I randomly won a free rubber ducky for being logged into the site and earning points!

Win #269

It's a little win from Texas Mommy Savings blog but it still gets cataloged and it still makes me super happy!  Thank you to Texas Mommy Savings and Reviews for the great Deckopedia game for my kids and I to play on our net road-trip!

Win #268

Number 268 is brought to you by the Funky Monkey Blog!  It's always a favorite of mine, I visit everyday and enter all their contests, they give away adorable Etsy shop merchandise all the time, lot's of jewelry!  They also have low entries!

Thank you to Funky Monkey and also to Letter and Sphere for the hilarious cute sign which now lives in my kitchen, where I get a lot of shit done.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Win #267

I only grocery shop at Weis.  It's the only grocery store in my area, besides Wal-mart, but that doesn't make a difference.  They truly do have the best of everything I could want.  They have the best customer service, the best employees, the cleanest store, best produce, more amazing gas rewards program and a really good coupon policy.

That all being said I was super excited to see that Weis was hosting a fun social media marketing campaign and sweepstakes.  Weis gives you 10 cents off a gallon of gas for every $50 you spend at the store and there is no cap, meaning I can get my gas for free if I spend enough.  You also get your points pre coupons and discounts so if my total is $200 (which it often is feeding a family of 4), I get 40 cents off every gallon of gas (up to 20 gallons) even if after my coupons and discounts I can get that total to $95 bucks.  

So Weis asked us to take a selfie at the pump (participating gas station is Sheetz) and share it through their Facebook sweepstakes page.  They do a weekly drawing for a $25 gift card and the single grand prize winner win a year of free gas.  I entered for the free gas.  But I was super happy to get an email from their marketing coordinator that I had won one of the weekly $25 gift cards.  This is why I love my hobby, it's fun and rewarding.

Thank you to my awesome grocery store chain for hosting and making my day!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Win #266

Mitch over at Gay NYC Dad is great!  I have won from him multiple times and I have always advocated for him being a great Dad and a great blogger.  He has weekly giveaways, does reviews, loves Disney and even gets to meet famous people!  I was lucky enough to take home a sweet Starbucks gift card from Mitch this week, and I will save it till Christmas, hopefully, I do love a good Starbucks.  So go check him out, you won't regret it!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Random Wins

I have been pretty lucky lately.  There are some things I consider to be wins but I don't necessarily count them towards my total here.  I am a member of the NCircle Mom's review team and I get a DVD to review every month.  The kids love it so much and it's like a win every month getting a new selection and getting to keep my video library stocked and last month I even donated a few DVD's we hadn't watched in a while to my Day Care.

I also was selected to Host an iRobot Roomba House Party.  So I was able to receive a free Roomba ($700 ARV) to review and big party pack to share with my friends and family who come to check out this awesome product.  If you don't know about House Party go check it out.  I've been a member a long time and have been host to many fun parties where you get to sample fun stuff.

I won a very funny and exciting adult product on the radio show I listen to on Sirius XM in the afternoons.  It's a pretty shameless talk show and while I will in no way be admitting to what I actually won it is hilarious and I am looking forward to un-boxing it, not in front of my kids, lol.

Lastly My friend held an online jewelry party this week and I won two of the three drawings so I actually won more product than I actually ordered, I totally made out!  I bought a bracelet and I won a locket and a charm.  

So on the non-blog wins it's been pretty amazing lately, I haven't lost my horse shoe and I will continue to enter, keep your fingers crossed and maybe I can just hit the lotto next.

Win #265

Chic Luxuries is a contest you enter through email that I have been participating in for a while.  It's easy to enter and they come up randomly in my newsletter feed.  You just email back with your info and a special subject line and you get to pick any prize from a long list!  This is the first time I have won from them and I am super excited, all the prizes were great and it took me a while to pick, I chose the Bemo Social Camera and I can't wait until it gets to me to try it out!

Link to some of the prizes Here.

The camera was removed after I chose it :)

Win #264

It's been a bit but I have been winning like crazy over the last week or so!  The first win I want to log is another great win from the Sweeps4bloggers site.  I have won from them many times in the past, Valerie is awesome and runs a tight ship and hosts a ton of great giveaways, that have easy entry methods.  

I was able to win a Stoneridge Orchards Cherry product and I look forward to trying them, her review was great and makes them sound awesome!

Thank you to Valerie as always!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Win #263

It had to be the Funky Monkey, lol.  

I won this this morning, which reminded me that I was behind and had to get on top of posting before I just never got around to it and needed 80 posts to catch up.  Funky Monkey features a ton of adorable Etsy shops and this time it's Landon Lacey, an incredible jewelry maker and I can't wait to get this beautiful necklace to sport around the office, I know I will get lots of compliments on it.

Win #262

Yet another Funky Monkey win.  

I just can't get enough of the Funky Monkey blog and all of their super cute reviews and giveaways, there are lots of fun and unique Etsy shops that are featured there and I really love that.

I won a sign from the Paola Brown shop, I received a lovely sign with someone's dogs names on it, then promptly had to print out a shipping label to the actual person that belonged to and then they sent me mine.  Gotta love a mix up!  We hung our sign in the kitchen and it really ties our room together, im so happy with it!

Win #261

I love Gay NYC Dad, I have won from him multiple times, he's an amazing Dad, Husband, and person.  Thanks to him I was able to score this big Pikachu plush!  I saved him for a birthday present and he was a huge hit.  If you love gaming, Disney, toys, reviews, parenting, and giveaways than go visit Mitch and read his awesome blog.

Win #260

Kelly Stilwell is an amazing blog writer and the author of Virtually Yours, another fantastic blog where you can read reviews and get some great info too!  I won a $20 Amazon gift code from her Facebook page and actually just used it for some Christmas gifts last week!

Check out Kelly Here on Facebook.

Win #259

I am a winner from Susan's Disney Family Blog again!  She has a great blog and posts on any number of topics, more importantly she's a huge Disney fanatic and you can read her blog if you need to know ANYTHING Disney related.  Thank you to Susan who made it possible for me to score a blue-ray of the Lego Movie for my home.  Everythign really IS awesome!


I just wanted to apologize for disappearing for 6 months, man time flies.

I actually was laid off from my job for three months, while most people think that leaves more time available for sweeping, it's actually less.  Finding a job is a full time job.  I managed to score an amazing new job making WAYYYYY more than I had before.  This also means I have like zero time lately for any contests or mommy blogs.

The god news is, now that Christmas is getting closer my load is lightening and I am able to enter hear and there, I do have to post a bunch of wins that were never posted and that's what I will do today!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Win #258 Another Dandy Win!

Dandy is one of my favorite blogs, obviously I win from them constantly!  I won any pair of KidOFit shoes and I picked out a pair for my daughter, they are so awesome!  You can see right through the bottom to see when their feet outgrow them!  I picked the gold Vivianne shoes for her and I think she'll love them.  Thanks to Dandy as always!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Win #257!

Another fantastic and fabulous win from Mitch over at the Award Winning Blog Gay NYC Dad!  This will go in my Christmas Bin and we'll be saving it for the holidays, I save all year round and it makes the holidays so much easier!  Mitch has easy and daily entry methods and he is kick ass with Disney and gaming so his newsletters are actually worth reading and we love him!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Win #256

It's sometimes the smallest wins that really get the most attention.  At least from my kids, anytime I win stuff for them that they can have right away they love (I save lots of stuff for birthdays and Christmas).  Susan's Disney Family Blog is one that I visit daily, you all know this, I win from her all the time.  She has awesome posts too, even the non-contest posts suck me in.  So Yay im getting one of the awesome new Denny's kids cups, let the fight to the death begin over which kid gets it first lol.  Thanks to Susan, go check her out and enter some too ;)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Win #255

This is just crazy.  So I got an email yesterday that I won, it happens all the time.  Then I open the email and realize that it's not just a win, it's 36 wins in one.  I have never won a grand prize from a blog before.  Basically it was sponsored by 36 companies and each gave a prize then you had to like all the facebook pages in order to gain entry.  So I liked them all and I kind of let it fall off the radar until I WON!!!

So I can't begin to post pictures of everything but here is a list of the sponsors:
Stickybellies (received)
3 month card box (received)
zipadee-zip (received)
Babynav (received)
A necklace (received)
Gladrags (received)
Wine Charms (received)
Baby Dipper (received)
Smart playrooms (received)
San Diego Bebe (received)
Z-cush (received)
Today I ate a rainbow (received)
Parking Pal (received)
Butibag (received)
Bubbles and Buttons
ZizzyBees (received)
Assessables (received)
Quick Split (received)
Southern yankee (received)
Woombie (received)
Baby Bindle
Wee Urban
Baby Jack (received)
Refresh a Baby (received)
Crave Simple (received)
Chico bag (received)
Bitty Lab (received)
Lillybit (received)
Drawstring Studio
Baby undersocks
Maria Dismondy (received)
Psibands (received)
8 to the bar (received)
The Diaper Clutch (received)
Pully Pals (received)
Henris Reserve

So I have no idea how to thank the sponsor enough, it's so amazing.  I am not sure what the prize adds up to amount wise but I am going to be calling it my biggest win to date.  I am going to be getting SO MUCH MAIL.  I also won out of 44 thousand entries so this just goes to show that sometimes you do win those high entry contests!!!  

Win #254

The Suburban Mom is a Mom I love, she's from my home town in Florida and loves football and all the same stuff I do!  She also hosts lots of fun giveaways and review, which I obviously love.  I was one of Ten, yes TEN, winners of this awesome playtex Diaper Genie caddy and it's going right into my collection for my friends who are having babies... One friend down like a million to go, I feel out of the baby loop now that im done, oh well.  So thank Jen for the awesome giveaway, I will be back for more!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Win #253

It's so sweet to save!

That's the motto over at Sweet Deals.  They host a ton of reviews and giveaways, like most of my favorites do and I won one!  I love purex, I use their liquid detergent and their liquid pacs as well.  I have not gotten to try the crystals but that, my friends, is about to change.

Check out Sweet Deals 4 Moms because they are awesome and there is much win.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Win #252

Mom and More is a blog I have won from before and whom I happen to visit every single day.  She has constant giveaways and has daily entry methods that I love, in the grand scheme of things the contests are low entry as well.  I love that I won this amazing etsy giveaway for some cute floor cushions for the kiddos.  So excited!!!  Check out the etsy page and the floor cushions and check out Mom and More for her great giveaways!

Win #251

Work at Home Mom or WAHM held an amazing 4th birthday party for her blog and hosted a slew of giveaways!  I entered all of them but I happen to have won the 8oz L'BRI Body Butter. Lisa Donoian is the independant consultant who sells the L'BRI products and was the sponsor, I can't wait to get it and try!

Check them both out!

Win #250!

A big giant thank you to Jackie at Empty Nest for the super cool Rag-A-Muffinz contest, myself and two others won their choice of item from the shop and I scored an amazing edward scissor hands shirt for my son!  Check them out they have cool retro tees and onesies for babies too!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Win #249

Sweeps for bloggers does it again!  They have daily entries and while the amount of people entering has gone up DRAMATICALLY, I still win sometimes.  I won a great bakers matt, I have been wanting one of these for my cookies for a long time so thanks Val over at sweeps for bloggers, keep up the amazing work!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Win #248

Another awesome win from Susan's Disney Family!  I love her and am there everyday to read her new posts and to get my +5 daily entry giveaway (vote on picket fence).  So Susan reviewed this awesome new little cooling device that is portable and easy to use.  I have terrible knee injuries so I can't wait to try this out and see if it helps out!

So check out the review of the ambi and check out Susan's giveaways!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Win #247

I won something from the flairist blog a while back, I really nice piece of jewelry to be precise.  This was a contest for just their twitter and Facebook followers.  I almost feel like I stole this sweater from them because only 15 entries were received.  Maybe they are in need of a marketing/social media coordinator (wink wink). I winked because that's my job, stay with me people.

The flairist is actually a phenomenal blog/entity that focuses on young and inspirational women with goals and aspirations to become more.  I love their writers and I love their outlook.  Anything that inspires young women to be more empowered and teaches us how to take control of our lives, careers and self image is alright in my book.

So go check them out on Facebook and like them, it's worth it.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Win #246

Thanks to "As They grow up" blog for the super awesome giveaway sponsored by balance bar!  I scored some awesome sports earbuds and a balance bar prize pack!

Get on over to As they Grow Up because there's more where that came from!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Win #245

Life with Levi is a great blog!  I've had her on my radar a long time as well, as far as blogs I read and win from go.  Thanks to her and her post on ugly Christmas sweaters i was able to score a $50 gift card from Savers!  I have to take a trip to my college town area to go because I don't have one in my town but it's ok they have the best mall ever there!  

In related news I won my families ugly sweater contest this year, lol.

Win #244

The Funky MOnkey is as always one of my top favorite blogs to win from.  Super low entry, great prizes, easy entry methods and daily entry methods.  This is such a win-win.  I have won from them a $50 gift card to Christina Nicole Studios.  I used it pretty much immediately and bought a pair of earrings.  There was a limit so that I had to actually spend money in their store to use this gift car, which is in fact kind of a bummer compared to some of the times I have won and they cover EVERYTHING, even shipping.  I know, I know you're not supposed to complain.  Otherwise I am super happy!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Win #243!

It's rare I score on Facebook, it's just a saturated market...  That being said I still throw in my hat a lot of the times for the companies that I follow.  Nashelle is one of those companies, they make adorable custom jewelry and they hosted a 12 days of Christmas giveaway that I happen to catch while working from home and tossed my comment into, low and behold I won one of these great initial bracelets.  So happy, a great little Facebook win to throw into the mix.  Go check them out and like them on Facebook.

Win #242!

It's a Dandy Giveaway winning type of day!  I love Dandy, I win from them all the time and I love all their reviews and giveaways.  So thanks to them I have a new lip balm on it's way to me, the end of December has been a winning week.  I talk up Dandy all the time, nothing has changed, they are still an awesome blog and worth visiting daily.

Win #241

Gosh I love Christmas time giveaways, it's just like shopping online for all the stuff I want!  I go enter Cher's giveaways at Mom and More every single day, she has an entry method that you can vote for her and get an extra entry every single day.  Again her's are mostly low entry, talking like under 3,000 which in my eyes is pretty sweet, especially when you are stacking those daily entries!

Thanks to Cher I will have my very own Springfield Doll for my little girl to enjoy, think I will be saving her for her February birthday. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Go check out Cher's blog and try to win for yourself!

Win #240!

I haven't won from Mitch over at Gay NYC Dad in a long time, I still go see his blog every day and enter all his giveaways.  They are easy entry and relatively low entry as well, plus he's amazing at getting stuff in the mail super duper fast.  Thanks to him I scored a extra x-mas or birthday present for my son, he loves ninja turtles so this is just a great win for me.

Go check out Mitch here and enter away, I get 4 entries for every giveaway, Email, twitter, Facebook and Google.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Win #239

I love Susan's Disney Family blog, I have been a reader for a long long time and have won multiple times!  She's having her Holiday Gift guide on her blog right now, you should go check it out, most of the gift items are also giveaways!  I won a Barbie DVD that will be going right into the stocking or under the tree for m daughter.  Thanks to Susan, she rocks.

Win #238

I still haven't decided if I am keeping this for myself or giving it as a gift.  It's a sweet new PadPillow.  Thanks to the lovely Pam at Mom Does Reviews I get one of these bad boys.  We use our tablet Daily so this would be a great gadget to have, especially when using it in bed.

Win #237

24/7 Frenzy has a great selection of stylish dresses, tops, rompers, jumpsuits, bottoms, swimwear, sleepwear, and intimates. They offer clothes in sizes small to 3X. All of their clothing is youthful and attractive. Most of their clothing options range from $40-$60.

Glamour Girl Reviews was kind enough to host the most awesome review and giveaway of 24/7 Frenzy.  I was able to score a $50 credit so I picked out the above dress.  It makes me so happy to be able to win fancy internet clothes, otherwise I would never get anything new, lol.Special thanks to Glamour Girl Reviews, check her out she does lots of reviews and giveaways of all kinds of stuff!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

#236 Twitter Party Win!

I love a good twitter party!  

I didn't score the grand prize or a big prize but I did get a newly released Chuggington DVD!  I'll save it from Santa for Christmas.  Chuggington is amazing and my kids LOVE it.  Go check out chuggington and follow them on twitter.

Win #235

Another Dandy of a giveaway!

I can't wait to get my CableKeeps!  Thanks so much to Dandy for another great low entry giveaway, why do you guys not get on this gravy train with me?  This is going into a stocking by the way ;)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Win #234

A super awesome win for me and my son!  He's a little artist and his favorite thing to do is draw, I mean it he could draw for hours.  I have been forever trying to win one of these crafts wear the kids draw and the company makes something cool from the drawings.

Kidz Can Design is a company that turns your kids drawings into jewelry and other metal items!

Im going to let me son draw something cool for me to wear, tear, im so proud of his abilities! 

Thanks to Peachy Keen for the awesome giveaway!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Win #233

I won clothes, I won clothes, whoop whoop, what what!!!

Ok now that Im done being 8 years old, I did win a cardigan and a pair of leggings from Lara LA via Funky Monkey!  I love Susannah so much, she has the best blog ever and hosts the best giveaways, I feel like I owe her a lot by now.

Funky Monkey host a slew of awesome giveaways, they vary in type but they are all held via rafflecopter and are easy to enter.  Go read her reviews and enter her junk, DO IT NOW!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Win #232 First win of November!!!

YAY! A Holiday win was the first win of November!  I love it!

Thanks to Glamour Girl Reviews for the lovely giveaway sponsored by Ornaments with Love.  I got us a personalized family ornament with all of our names and the year just like the one pictured but with reindeer, because we think deer are delish so why not.

Im looking forward to entering a lot soon and hopefully adding to my Holiday win haul!

Good luck everyone.