Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Win Number: 116

Thanks to a housewife and granola Mama I was able to score an outfit at childrens store Vintage Couture! I chose the flower power retro dress for Delia, I will update on the awesomeness of it once it comes to me. The winter look book was easy to use and had a variety of items for boys and girls. Check them out and visit My Life as a housewife & Granola Mama and vintage couture for great items, reviews and giveaways.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Win Number: 115

I am the winner of the Host Your Day, Your Way Pull-Ups Potty Dance House Party Host Spot Giveaway on Blessings Abound Mommy! I get a sweet potty prize pack and get to host a potty dance party! I really need it too because Diego is totally reverting back to having accidents lately from the second child being around so we need to beef up our potty security! I have won from Jacquelines blog before, she is totally reputable and I recommend her highly!

Win Number 114!

I won another instant win! It also happens to be another year supply of soem food products, lol. Last time I won a years supply of Honey Nut cheerios which we recently ran out of. Im now expecting a years supply of fruit snacks, my Son is going to be so excited. Thanks General Mills for having the promotion!