Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Win Number: 113

I won a sweet chick-Fil-A plush for a friend at work who is obsessed with Chick-Fil-A. Thanks to Busy Working Momma for helping me make a coworker very happy!

Win 112

A big Giant thank you goes out to a Mom Less ordinary for helping me get free Christmas cards 2 years in a row! Last year I got great prints from another company and this year my Cards are coming from Tiny Prints! This is not the card I chose but it was one of my favorite, I almost could not decide between the one I got and this one! They should be coming soon and I can't wait to see them, although this year our picture was a little crazy because Delia refused to look at the camera.

The force is strong with win number: 111

I won a force FX light saber from the Join the Jedi promotional instant win! I probably played about 60 times beofre I actually won. It's a kids instant so I had to forfeit it right to Diego, he's actually getting this one under the Christmas tree! Santa loves to bring star wars gifts to our family, we even have enough star wars ornaments to have our very own star wars themed tree each year. The light saber came about three weeks later and it was a blue anakin saber which Diego will really love! Thanks Hasbro!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Win Number 110

Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus! I love being able to stock up on awesome holiday gifts through giveaways. My husband and son wanted to build these very badly. They are kind of costly and my husband went to the website a while ago to customize one and he said to purchase what he wanted to make would cost us a whole paycheck, lol. This is why I enter sweeps, so we can have awesome fun stuff and not pay the price! Also it's a ton of fun and so informative. Thanks Mommys Hangout! If it were not for you and your three girls and your awesome blog I wouldn't have to opportunity to do this one!

Win Number 109

This win is something so useful. You might not have to label your kids stuff but I have to, and boy do I have to. I have to label EVERYTHING. My sons school follows "state board" regulations which means I have to label all the clothes, toys, cups, bottles, shoes, EVERYTHING. American Muslim Mom gave me the opportunity to enter to win a big mabels labels prize pack which I wasn't going to pass on. I won and I sent them my info, I can't wait to get them, I even sent out a tweet about it, which I don't usually do!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Santa Baby

You see this? This is what Santa needs to get this year for my son to have a merry Christmas. I hear on the DL that they will be hard to come by. I haven't seen any giveaways lately where you can win them but while browsing one of my regular spots I totally hit the jackpot! MOM Start who happens to run one of my favorite Mom blogs as you all know I am formally addicted to and she reviewed and is giving away one with a bunch of great games as well! I can't help but take advantage of whoring myself out for 5 extra entries, god knows I have done it here before and it paid off! VTech is awesome and I already own several quality products so I can only imagine what kind of awesomeness this has in store. Head on over to Mom Start and check out VTech and try not to enter too much because I need all the help I can get, kidding.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Win #108

I won a brand new divinci Crib from Hayneedle! I have purchased a davinci in the passed, my son still sleeps in his but we converted it to a day bed, they are built to last! I won this from Mama B, you'll notice I have her button on my side bar too! She was so nice and was able to help me choose a finish also! I am so excited my daughter is in a crib from wal mart that cost us about $50 bucks and I think this actually retails around $400 with shipping and therefor is the biggest prize I have ever won! So I am going to donate the crib I have to the locate shelter in our town. I am really so excited and I would love for everyone to also head over to Mama B and take advantage of her reviews and giveaways as I have. This is also I think my first raffelcopter win, so here's to them too!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Win 107

I swear I have the best luck winning candy these days. I won an instant mars Candy game and I should be getting a coupon in the mail for a free twix bar. Im stocked because now they have peanut butter and I wouldn't normally just buy myself one.

here's the link to the instant win and you get a free code by clicking "I don't have a code" which is what I did, I hope you all get free candy too!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Win Number: 106

no not me! that's the name of the blog I won from this morning. I won some Halloween transfers, super cute stuff, I think I might put them on my pumkins I stole from the bar that have absolute on them, just as a personal touch, since I dont drink much vodka.

This is the first raffelcopter I have won. I was angry with the switch to raffelcopter at first because it wasn't compatable with my system and it kept giving me and error messege when I was trying to enter stuff. Now I kind of love it because it cuts my entry time down tremendously.

Win Number: 105

There's very few times I win from a blog that I actually go to EVERY single day. There's actually probably only about 5 or 6 that I visit that regularly. Super Punch is one of them, if it were not for super punch I would not be able to find the most offensive and/or beautiful desktop images I rotate through on a weekly basis. I also find all my favorite toy info there. If you remember I used to be a famous toy designer and package designer for a company that conducted themselves so poorly they had to lay off some very talented individuals like myself. Screw them. Did I type that outloud?

I digress.

Super Punch gets me all the toy news I need that I don't get anymore since im now working a regular 9-5 that has nothing to do with T-1's, die cuts, paint approval, artist proofs or general toy debauchery. They also provide me lots of geeky and nerdy Internet junk, because who doesn't appreciate an update on ninja warrior once in a while, or perhaps the latest in cute baby animal videos. Not to mention some fantastic artwork that even someone who didn't spend their whole life in art school can appreciate.

well when I got on the site I noticed they were giving away a $25 credit to Threadless, which if you can't tell by my photo above is hilarious, oh yeah and they screen print hilarity on T-shirts. I managed to order myself a "Han Shot First" shirt, because Greedo is a fucking asshole and it's totally clear that Han shot first, and I am willing to wear a shirt blazon to the fact that not only am I a Star Wars nerd, as proved by my last job of writing a professional Star Wars blog and designing action figures for the Lucas license, but that I love weird Tees.

I also got my son some pretty funny shirts, but he doesn't appreciate them as much as I do. I wanted the "Beer" shirt, but they are sadly sold out. P.s- Dog fish head pumpkin ale is out today and I have a case on reserve im picking up after work, drunken texts to my friends to follow.

I was the first commenter to this post on Super Punch and reeled in the credit. Not to mention managed to somehow start a commenting flame war on the post which is almost better that the win itself.

If you know whats good for you you'll go check them out.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Win Number: 104

I was participating in a daily instant win for the movie Cars 2. I didn't win any of the instant wins but then they sent an email survey to ask how you liked the contest. i took the survey because you would be entered to win even more prizes. Well wouldn't you know it I got an email back a few days later thanking me for taking the survey and with it a $100.00 gift card to Amazon.com. Can you say "Christmas Shopping!", I got the kids each three gifts to store away for Christmas and I also got Diegos pinata for his birthday. Such a great win!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Win Number: 103

Another Candy instant win, im not complaining, lol!

I used the free instant code provided by the website and won on my first try, thats always a moral booster in the morning.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Win Number: 102, The forgotten win.

I had completely forgotten about an instant win from skittles! I got my coupon for free skittles in the mail the other day! It will be a nice treat next time I hit the grocery store.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Win Number: 101

My 101st win is yet another Pear tree giveaway! Don't worry I emailed pear tree when I was entering like mad and made sure I could win more than once. This time I won from Life of Rylie. I enter a ton of her contests and she is amazing, especially because I accidentaly deleted the winning email and she was nice enough to direct messege me on twitter before I lost my prize!

Win Number:100!!!

Well it's finally here, win number 100. I started this hobby a few years ago and already I have hit a milestone. I guess a very special thank you is in order to the sponsor and the blog host for the amazing title of win number 100. Actually I was going to shout out this blog anyway because it's so awesome. Blueberries and Oats follows the eating habits of a remarkable lady, if you don't have any interest in dieting and eating healthy at least go visit to see the beautiful pictures of all her meals. Robyn thanks for making this win awesome for me and good luck in your endevour to be the healthiest and most balance person you can be!

I won two weeks of free yogart!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Win Number: 99

I won another U Printing Giveaway, last year I used this to print a giant banner for Diego's second birthday. This year I am using it for custom stickers for his favors! I won from In My opinion a great little review blog, check her out!

Win Number: 98

Sammi's Blog of life is my new favorite blog. I have known Sammi for a while from my sweeping site, I have no idea why I have been putting off entering her giveaways but I have decided to become an avid participant. I won already! I won two bags of barilla pasta! Just to let you know out of the 98 items I have won so far, this came the fastest, I won on a Monday and I got my prize on Tuesday. I am not sure how that is even possible but im very impressed. I already made the pasta and my family enjoyed it so much, I love winning food!

Win Number: 97

Im the winner of the Pear Tree Greetings gift code at Today is my Someday!

I chose these invites for Diego's Third Birthday, they match the thank you cards I got from my prior Pear tree win from Pammie in Pajammies. Today is my someday rocks and I thank them so much for cutting out this expense on my birthday budget!

Win Number: 96

She Hearts it is an awesome blog with great handmade and custome giveaways that I adore! I won the best giveaway EVER. The crazy cuddly big bad wolfy giveaway. She doesn't let me steal the picture of it so if you're dying to know what it is click here. Also if you want to go visit her (Andrea) blog click here too.

Win Number: 95

Jaime over at Take it From Me hosted a wonderful Thomas and friends DVD giveaway. My son is the biggest fan of trains and thomas you'll find and he loves this huge DVD set that I won from jaime. Check out her blog for great weekly deals too!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Win #94

Someone special is going to be getting this awesome win! BeTweenTalk is an awesome teen website and held a contest where I got to win this for a special little girl in my life :)

It's a limited addition and isworth a pretty penny believe it or not, I should make her leave it in the box until she's 20 years old.

Win Number 93!

Thank you to two kids and a coupon for the awesome addition to our DVD collection, my son loves trains so much, in fact his biggest toy to date is a great train table that santa brought him a while back. He is going to be so excited to watch these DVD's

Win #92

Pammie in Pajammies is one of my newest and most favorite blogs! She hosted a pear tree giveaway, I have won from pear tree before and it's got to be the best paper companies out there. They offer the best kids invites and I used my credit to get some awesome thank you notes for my son to use for his birthday party!

Win #91

Thank you to Sage and Savy blog for hosting a fireman Sam DVD giveaway! I have won from their site before and this DVD came super quick and was a great addition to my sons collection!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Win #90!

I won a sweet baby bullet from the blog Sure Baby. First things first, the writter of sure baby was amazing, she was sweet and followed up with me and even contacted the sponsor after it took a while for my prize to arrive. I definatly win continue to patron her! Secondly let me say the baby bullet is awesome. I tried it out just to test since my baby girl wont be eating solids for a few more months, its great, works awesome and really delivers. It comes with so much, and the instructional manual is adorable, from a graphic designers prespective anyway. I highly recommend both the blog and the baby bullet.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Win Number: 89

Amanda Acuna is an awesome blogger, I have been Reading her for a long, long time! I have won from her twice now as far as her giveaways goes, if I read her post on the reg I might as well enter the contests too right?!? Well I happen to score the blue ray extended edition Avatar box set and I am stoked. We got a blue ray for Christmas but don't actually own any blue ray, what a great one to start out with right?!? Thanks so much to Amanda and I highly recommend visiting her site: Mommy Mandy, shes got tons of great posts!

Win Number: 88

Guess who won a years supply of Cheerios. That's right, this guy! I can't wait, im so excited, cereal is so expensive that I rarely even buy it, and coupons are usually only usable if you buy three boxes, so not worth it, we have a hard time eating one big box. What an awesome instant win this is, I played the game everyday for like a month and a half before I won, lol, now I just need to win the years supply of milk that's going on, and oh yes I will be trying!

Win Number:87

CSN might just be the greatest web-site in the world, mostly because it has everything and because in the Mom blog community the give away a ridiculous amount of promotional material. This is the second time I have won a CSN store code and I have great experiences with them. The hard part is picking something out because they honestly have everything. I won this time from California Monkey Mom and just like last time this was a great win and I just have to say I love CSN! We got a rice pot that was on clearance and it came super fast this time.

Win Number: 86

Mellisa at Fun Saving Money not only hosts a slew, and I mean a slew on contests and giveaways, she also posts yummy recipes and money saving tips/coupons. She hosted a ton of kids dvd reviews and giveaways lately and i took advantage of being able to enter these and win an awesome bob the builder: The golden hammer DVD for Diego. He watches these in the car and he loves bob, and Wendy too! Thanks Mellisa for your hard work and for bringing all the awesome giveaways to your site!

Win Number: 85

I won three months worth of toaster struddles! They sent my coupons really fast and i stocked up on three boxes of the fruit flavors and then one box of the scramblers for my husband! I ate them every morning on my way to work for a while, i hadn't had a toaster struddle since high school so it was a major throw back. The only complain I had was that one of the boxes didn't come with icing, I saved the box so I could email the company but then the cleaning people at work threw it away so i didn't have any of the information on the box to reference the "run" or "batch" that didn't have icing. It was awesome to get to try these again after so long, when Diego is a little bigger maybe I will let him eat these in the AM, for right now he needs a more nutritious breakfast though.