Friday, March 20, 2009

Win Number: 36

Thanks Classy Mommy for the two canisters of Clorox wipes. We actually go through these like crazy! I use them in the bathroom and on the kitchen trashcan and on the baby's changing table. Classy Mommy is not only a Mom blog by the way, she also does tons of reviews, giveaways, and has free coupons for kids stuff! I like her style too, she has more of a website format than a blog, you feel like she's running a big business or something! So thanks again, and stay classy! lol.

Update: I got my coupons, and then some, I thought I was getting two and I ended up with ten, count them, ten free canister coupons! I will not need to buy clorox wipes for a while, YAY!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Win Number: 35

I won Green Earths Journey's Nurture my Body Giveaway. I won some body wash for me, and some body wash for Diego! It's all herbal and natural just the way we like it! (If you read my family blog that is private you'll know soon if the herbal remedy for Diego's colic worked). So Hyla is the blog authoress and she is pretty amazing, she is a Mom of three with one on the way (I think she might be crazy). So more power to her for even being able to think about writing a blog with all those kids running around, WHEW! She does lots of giveaways and reviews and they are all earth friendly, YAY GREEN! so go and check her out, she is super nice and also look at my cool body wash from Nurture!

Update: This win came yesterday and let me tell you that it was one of the nicest things I have received thus far. It was packaged so lovingly with pretty tissues and dried flowers. It came with a note and a very nice hand written thank you. I love the washes and so does my baby, I will go to their store when I need to reorder for sure!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Win Number: 34

Diego just started to grab at stuff and feel things this week. His hands used to be tightly clasped all the time, now he fingers at everything! I have been putting toys in his hands and he even wants to grasp something while he sleeps ( I have been giving him his stuffed monkey's tail). So the fact the I won the giveaway from steals and deals is awesome, I will be the proud owner of a bunch of felt handmade food products from Paisley's playhouse! Diego will love holding these guys for sure and he can drool all over them if he wants (something else he just started to do). Thanks to Amanda at Steals and deals for the giveaway, she does a ton of them so click her on my sidebar, she does great reviews!

Update: We got the felt food and it is great! so lovely! Diego can only have the carrot and banana right now (choking hazard) but he looks so funny holding them, I love it!

Win Number: 33

Normally I don't enter to win books. I don't get a whole lot of reading in and the books never seem to interest me anyway. Wish List Worthy had a book giveaway that was too good to pass up, the "Perfect Baby Handbook". Seeing as how I just had a baby I jumped at a chance to try this book out, plus Aimee at the blog gave it a good review and made it seem funny and practical, just my style! So thanks to Aimee over at Wish List Worthy for the giveaway and the cool book, which I can't wait to receive! Check out her blog from my daily side bar or the link in this post.

Update: I got this book and I read it, I had no idea how funny it was! Seriously I am buying this book for all my friends who have babies. the illustrations are hilarious!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

UpTake Spring Photo Contest

Uptake travel blog is doing their 2009 Spring Photo contest. I happen to have a great photo, I have a few but this is my favorite! We have tons of mushrooms in our yard and they are always covered with tiny bugs you don't even see until you look at the close up pictures. It reminds me of a few things that inspire me to travel the world. The light coming threw the translucent parts of the mushroom remind me of a womb, and birth and new life, which reminds me of the travelers of past discovering new worlds. So heres to Spring, I can't wait!