Monday, October 24, 2011

Win Number 110

Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus! I love being able to stock up on awesome holiday gifts through giveaways. My husband and son wanted to build these very badly. They are kind of costly and my husband went to the website a while ago to customize one and he said to purchase what he wanted to make would cost us a whole paycheck, lol. This is why I enter sweeps, so we can have awesome fun stuff and not pay the price! Also it's a ton of fun and so informative. Thanks Mommys Hangout! If it were not for you and your three girls and your awesome blog I wouldn't have to opportunity to do this one!

Win Number 109

This win is something so useful. You might not have to label your kids stuff but I have to, and boy do I have to. I have to label EVERYTHING. My sons school follows "state board" regulations which means I have to label all the clothes, toys, cups, bottles, shoes, EVERYTHING. American Muslim Mom gave me the opportunity to enter to win a big mabels labels prize pack which I wasn't going to pass on. I won and I sent them my info, I can't wait to get them, I even sent out a tweet about it, which I don't usually do!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Santa Baby

You see this? This is what Santa needs to get this year for my son to have a merry Christmas. I hear on the DL that they will be hard to come by. I haven't seen any giveaways lately where you can win them but while browsing one of my regular spots I totally hit the jackpot! MOM Start who happens to run one of my favorite Mom blogs as you all know I am formally addicted to and she reviewed and is giving away one with a bunch of great games as well! I can't help but take advantage of whoring myself out for 5 extra entries, god knows I have done it here before and it paid off! VTech is awesome and I already own several quality products so I can only imagine what kind of awesomeness this has in store. Head on over to Mom Start and check out VTech and try not to enter too much because I need all the help I can get, kidding.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Win #108

I won a brand new divinci Crib from Hayneedle! I have purchased a davinci in the passed, my son still sleeps in his but we converted it to a day bed, they are built to last! I won this from Mama B, you'll notice I have her button on my side bar too! She was so nice and was able to help me choose a finish also! I am so excited my daughter is in a crib from wal mart that cost us about $50 bucks and I think this actually retails around $400 with shipping and therefor is the biggest prize I have ever won! So I am going to donate the crib I have to the locate shelter in our town. I am really so excited and I would love for everyone to also head over to Mama B and take advantage of her reviews and giveaways as I have. This is also I think my first raffelcopter win, so here's to them too!