Monday, December 28, 2009

Win Number: 53

OMG, it totally worked! I blogged about something I wanted to win, to obtain the extra entries and I totally won it. I worked so hard doing everything possible to get the biggest chance at winning and I did! I am actually really proud of myself. I know since I have won from blessing abound before that I will love my prize and get more than I expected. What a great blog to win from! We picked Diego this Jacket for next winter, I love it!

Update: We got Diego's coat, this is for next year, im happy about not having to buy one! It's awesome quality and has down so I know it's really warm.

Win Number: 52

Thanks to My Wee View for holding some great childrens gifts idea reviews over the holidays. I entered to win an Elmo kinex set and won! I love this for my son, who loves blocks but just doesn't understand them yet. He is the most into cars and trucks right now so this might peak his interest in blocks because it has wheels. I will let you know how much he loves it when it comes, I did see these in the store and they really look like a cute gift idea, maybe if its awesome we can give some away at his birthday party!

Update: I got Diego's Elmo car, I had a hard time putting it together, although it's like five pieces, lol. My mom stepped in and assembled it in like five seconds, Diego loves it of course. Kinex also sent me another huge gift set as an extra, it was for 7+ so I gave it to my neighbors five boys to build. It was a great win!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ok... So I am starting to do this more now.

Link It's only because it's stuff I actually want to win, or else i wouldn't go to the trouble right? right?

Ok so hold onto your hat then, Blessings Abound is giving away a fantastic children coat of the winners choice from Rothschild. i have won from Blessing before and my prize came fast and was even bigger than i hoped for so i am all about winning from her again... Plus she is super cute, check out her ear bud review, it's adorable! So go an check it out, but don't enter too many times, because I want to win!

Update: OMG I so won!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Win Number: 51

Finally! I was beginning to think my luck had run out... So we crossed the 50 win mark as well as got our first win of December! It is a pretty great win too. Mommies with cents is a great blog, I go there pretty frequently, they have enormous amounts of coupons to offer, it's probably the best feature of the site. She does a ton of reviews too, mostly for household items. I was the winner drawn to receive the Hana professional flat iron. I have stupid curly hair that I have been trying to wear straight my whole life, so it's a win that will no doubt go to good use. I can't wait to receive it and try it out, my flat iron now is the same one I used in the early 90's, so you can only imagine how bad it preforms as well as how awesome it's florescent green and pink colors are.

Update: Got my flat iron so fast, and with tons of additional extras. I love it and it works great! I definatly recommend it and the blog I won from as well!