Friday, May 14, 2010

Andies Ink is a real Hoot!

It's been a long time since I hosted a giveaway, it's also been a long time since I posted. It's fair to say that I had my share of ordeals these past three months. I don't want to get into that on this blog because it's supposed to be light hearted though. In my dreary days of past one thing did bring a smile to my face, that thing was Andie sending a care package of hooterific goodies to us for a giveaway. I sat on these giveaway goodies for way too long, so now is the time I will be sharing!

Andies Ink is a cutie pie of an Etsy store. she specializes in scrap-booking type paper goodies and some very special and unique decorative hangables. I have the pleasure of sharing with you one of each type of goodie with an owl theme!

Before we get to the giveaway I wanted to share some more things I love from Andies store.

This is a close up of one of my favorites! Meet this cute Panda wall hanger, it says "Dream Big" on it but I think the panda it self is so perfect that all you need to see to fall in love is his cute little face! I love the rustic polka dots too!

Andie is a graphic designer like myself and she has a great eye for laying out some really interesting cards.I love handmade cards and I always get tons of compliments on these as well! I love this one for any occasion, just to say hello (picture me smiling and waving through the windows at your front door as you try to pretend you're not home).

Now say Hello to my favorite card, im giving it till the end of the contest before I buy this one up for myself! Im getting a cup cake tattoo on one of my sleeve very soon so I found this card to be near and dear to me. I also love the stitching! All of her cards run for $2.50 and that's a steal compared to what you pay for a generic card at Hal-mark these days.

So now for the goods, I was preparing for a themed Owl giveaway however too many contributors backed out at the last minute, hence my long and loving post for Andie for hanging in there so long. I was about to just cut her a check for her trouble and from me making her wait so long to get this under way! So up for grabies we have two hooty items from Andies store...

This is a lovely little shadow box that contains a cute paper owl with some fantastic detail, the photo does not do it justice because the inside of the box is modge podged with some lovely clippings and the outside is as well. it has a hanger on the back and would make a lovely addition to any room. I would have hung it in my sons room, he has tons of wall space and loves to check out all the pictures i have hung up for him from time to time.

Also included in this prize is one of Andies amazing cards. What strikes me most about her cards is that the quality of paper is so high! It's almost like felt, the paper is so soft and textured! Anyone would be thrilled to receive it in the mail, trust me!

Where to Buy

hit up Andies Ink and browse around, she has a nice little selection of goods for you to choose from! Some more owls as well as some fawns and butterflys.

How to win

One entry per person. All you have to do is go to Andies Ink and comment on your favorite item. Please leave contact info so that we can contact the winner. The contest is running from May 15th until May 30th at 12 pm eastern pacific time.

more to come soon as I pick up the pieces!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

WinNumber: 65

A big thanks to Gathering my roses and rockstar accessories for the awesome badge holder that i needed so desperately with my new job, the first one I have had where i need a badge!

Update: This badge holder broke three times before I got sad and just tossed it. It was really disappointing because I was so anxious to get it and so excited to have something to stand me apart form my co-workes, but it was just not working with me, I wasn't rough with it at all, it actually broke the first time I ever wore it. :(

Win Number: 64

Thank you so much Funky Monkey for the awesome copy of Motherhood, staring Uma Thermon!!!

Win Number: 63

Thank you Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports for hosting a super DVD win for me and Diego! He won not only the bob the builder DVD but also a John Deere DVD that he refuses to take out of the portable DVD player.