Thursday, July 25, 2013

What could be a great win for someone!

I am running this awesome Pinterest contest through my company and someone could take home an amazing matress set of their choice!  check it out here.

Win #218

WOO to the Muther effin HOO man!  I love scoring stuff to save for Christmas, it makes me warm and fuzzy inside.  I go enter Susan's Disney family Blog's giveaway every day, she has a sweet +5 daily entry and it boosts my stats so much!  I scored this awesome Snails giveaway.  My daughter is very much into painting her nails now, we have to do it almost every other night to keep them looking up to par.  Im going to keep this and it's going right into the stocking!  Thanks again for another awesome win Susan!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Win #217, an Instant!

I haven't really had the time to play many instant win games anymore, it's too much to register and find them and I won't pay my premium subscription anymore to the website that let's me have the giant list of them.  I do however follow coupon cousins on Facebook and they have a free list of instant wins and even ist links to them so sometimes if they pop up in my feed I think, why not.

I scored today, well score something...  The instant win could be one of several prizes but they don't tell you what, you just get something in the mail.  So im on box watch for the next 10 weeks until I figure out what I won!

Win #216

I won another giveaway from Dandy!  This time I got some great labels to add to my repertoire.   I still haven't decided if I am getting new daycare labels or something like what is pictured above for myself.

Dandy is the super low entry site that I rave about, I win from them all the time, they usually don't go over 300-400 entries so it's just great odds of winning!

Win #215

A double win week from the same blog, lol!  It happens and as I said in the previous post it's all about visiting and grabbing your daily entry, it takes seconds.

I am writing a book right now, I am  on chapter 5 I think.  Obviously I need some help as the idea of maintaining a creative process long enough to get through an entire chapter usually just won't happen for me.  I am very excited to get this book care of Sweeps4bloggers so that I can get inspired!  

Thanks Val!

Win #214

My daughter loves Angelina Ballerina.  I think there's something awesome about a lot of the overseas cartoon series, we also love the wiggles and peppa pig :)

I have to thank Val at Sweeps4bloggers for yet another awesome win.  She just does tons and tons of giveaways and I love that I can go daily to get 10 extra!

Head on over and bookmark her page, you will win eventually I promise!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Holy DrySpell Batman! Win #213

I hate dryspells.  It happens from time to time, I mean you can't win them all and sometimes things get so busy you wind up not really entering so much.  I have been using my downtime and lunch hours to do massive amounts of work so that's just what happens, life.

My first win of July though happened to be confirmed yesterday!  Thanks to the Flairist for the amazing necklace!  I have won from them before, what I love about the Flairist are the great stories and articles on young working women and how to advance with class in life and the workplace.  The other thing i love is that the contest are creative, I wrote a haiku to win this one!  The last one I won was an ode to Martha Stewart, lol.

I encourage you to check them out, it is a great blog/site and they just did an upgrade and it looks great!

my haiku if you were interested:

Childhood smiles: a Haiku
Mommom’s baking bread
I got home early from school
It’s the little things
~Jen Lleras