Monday, January 31, 2011

Win Number: 89

Amanda Acuna is an awesome blogger, I have been Reading her for a long, long time! I have won from her twice now as far as her giveaways goes, if I read her post on the reg I might as well enter the contests too right?!? Well I happen to score the blue ray extended edition Avatar box set and I am stoked. We got a blue ray for Christmas but don't actually own any blue ray, what a great one to start out with right?!? Thanks so much to Amanda and I highly recommend visiting her site: Mommy Mandy, shes got tons of great posts!

Win Number: 88

Guess who won a years supply of Cheerios. That's right, this guy! I can't wait, im so excited, cereal is so expensive that I rarely even buy it, and coupons are usually only usable if you buy three boxes, so not worth it, we have a hard time eating one big box. What an awesome instant win this is, I played the game everyday for like a month and a half before I won, lol, now I just need to win the years supply of milk that's going on, and oh yes I will be trying!

Win Number:87

CSN might just be the greatest web-site in the world, mostly because it has everything and because in the Mom blog community the give away a ridiculous amount of promotional material. This is the second time I have won a CSN store code and I have great experiences with them. The hard part is picking something out because they honestly have everything. I won this time from California Monkey Mom and just like last time this was a great win and I just have to say I love CSN! We got a rice pot that was on clearance and it came super fast this time.

Win Number: 86

Mellisa at Fun Saving Money not only hosts a slew, and I mean a slew on contests and giveaways, she also posts yummy recipes and money saving tips/coupons. She hosted a ton of kids dvd reviews and giveaways lately and i took advantage of being able to enter these and win an awesome bob the builder: The golden hammer DVD for Diego. He watches these in the car and he loves bob, and Wendy too! Thanks Mellisa for your hard work and for bringing all the awesome giveaways to your site!

Win Number: 85

I won three months worth of toaster struddles! They sent my coupons really fast and i stocked up on three boxes of the fruit flavors and then one box of the scramblers for my husband! I ate them every morning on my way to work for a while, i hadn't had a toaster struddle since high school so it was a major throw back. The only complain I had was that one of the boxes didn't come with icing, I saved the box so I could email the company but then the cleaning people at work threw it away so i didn't have any of the information on the box to reference the "run" or "batch" that didn't have icing. It was awesome to get to try these again after so long, when Diego is a little bigger maybe I will let him eat these in the AM, for right now he needs a more nutritious breakfast though.