Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Win 141!

Another win this month from Sweeps4Bloggers!!!  I told you I love them and try to visit everyday!  Again they are super awesome for their daily easy entries and awesome raffelcopter set up!  I won a sweet custom leash and collar set from Lily and Abbie.  I could have gone either way with this one, big collar or small since we have many family doggies but I went small, and a pretty awesome print as well!  Thanks a million to Valerie and her amazing blog for giving away so much stuff!

Monday, November 26, 2012


Deal Finder Dad to the rescue!  I've won from his blog in the past too, I am apparently a repeat customer...  I won a stainless steal wallet from dorm Co. and it's going right into my husbands stocking if I get it in time, good thing he doesn't read blogs, I don't want to spoil the surprise.  Thanks to Deal Finder Dad and his great reviews!

Win: 139

I have won in the past from Baby Loving Mama. You can find a button to her blog on the right side of my page and since I have been in love with her blog so long it's a bit far down.  I love this blog that does child related and Mom type giveaways because it's all stuff I need, not to mention for the HUGE prizes they give away their entries are pretty low.  I won a $50 Wal-mart gift card that is going to make the holidays awesome, and I won out of about 5000 entries which in my eyes is great odds!  I hope she does really well and the blog lasts forever because she's a great author and a fantastic host!

Win #138

Sweeps4bloggers is becoming one of those blogs I like to go to everyday.  They have so many contests though that it would take up my whole lunch break if I entered them all!  The best part about their contests is that they are all rafflecopter and have daily easy entry, so it's a super fast click a day to win!  I am now the proud owner of a glee gum prize pack from them and I am hoping there's more to come since I have been visiting daily!

Win 137

Tricia's Treasures mainly reviews make-up and beauty products, they host a slew of giveaways that any woman would die to win!  I was lucky enough to win this great Dewy Skin Mist Giveaway!  I actually got this in the mail already as they are super fast over there at Tricia's Treasures and I can't wait to pass this onto someone really awesome that I love for the holidays.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Win 136 First Twitter Win

Funny enough I was doing research for my job on twitter parties and stumbled on a twitter party that I wound up winning from!  How lucky is that?

Check out Funky Monkey and their healthy options, also gluten free, peanut free and all natural, you kind of can't ask for much more than that.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Win 135, finally caught up!

I am finally caught up with posting all my wins!  I won this changing table this morning so it couldn't be more up to speed!  I do visit this blog a lot: Rachels Reviews.  She does a ton of reviews and with that comes lots of giveaways, she reviews everything too, not just baby stuff!  As a matter of fact when I got the link for this post I happen to notice that they are giving away a saw, so lets file this post under giveaways I haven't won yet as well, smirk*

Win number: 134!

Thanks again to Sugar Pop Ribbons, I love to win from them!!!  I am going to be receiving a sweet shower spray and I can't wait to try them since they gave them such a great review.

Win: 133!

What an awesome win!  Thanks so much to the gals over at Kiddies Corner Deals!  The Hello Kitty Karaoke machine is getting a great home!

Win Number 132!

I won Halloween floppets from my favorite blog Gay NYC Dad, I wish these things were awesome so I could rave but they are useless.  I would be terrible at reviewing items right?

Win number: 131

I take that last post back.  I also visit Sammis blog of life every single day.  She is a great girl and does a ton of fun giveaways and i love to read what she's up to.  I won two bags of yummy pumpkin spice kisses, only problem is we all hated them LOL!  I had to take them to work because my family couldn't handle the spice!


I won this dress for my daughter from Mikarose, they are an amazing company and offer really beautiful dresses and clothes for great prices.  Not to mention they must have a new marketing person because they are doing giveaways out the ying yang.  This dress I won is a little too big for now but she'll wear it next year, and it's not going out of style!  The best part about this contest is that all I had to do was follow a few steps and email them then they sent me the dress, there wasn't even a drawing!

Win 129!

I visit only one blog every single day.  Gay NYC Dad is my favorite blog, hands down end of story.  Mitch is hilarious and a great dad that is worthy of some serious credit.  He hosts tons of giveaways, im talking tons.  His son and my son are close in age which means most of the giveaways are like right up my freakin ally!  I won this iphone case and it's still on these to this day, I get tons of compliments on it.  I am going to encourage you to not go to his blog because you'll lessen the number of wins I get, but you won't listen to me will you.

Win Number: 128!

I have won from Sugar Pop Ribbons before, they are an excellent blog and have a great reputation, I can vouch!  I won a great DVD from them that I was able to add to a birthday gift to spruce it up for one of my friends whose name just happens to be Timmay!

So check them out if you already haven't because they do tons of giveaways, and coming from a multiple winner I want to say they are really amazing and fast!

Win Number: 127

Another great food win, I seem to have a thing with blog wins and food!  Thanks to the Wannabe Chef for hosting a great giveaway and for making more guacamole dip in my house a reality!