Monday, December 6, 2010

Win Number: 84

Thanks Angela over at Hot Mom Tips for the great review of Pear tree and the awesome 30 dollar gift code, now I can get Diego's thank you cards for his birthday party, and maybe some labels for the envelopes as well! I was eyeing these since the promotions started during October, I love pear tree and cant wait to get started!

Win Number: 83

I won a betty Crocker instant win, I know right, another one! I won a box of cake mix and a bag of cookie mix. Unfortunatly it has to be through safeway and I dont shop there anymore so i passed them onto a friend, but giving is nice too!

Win Number: 82

Catch a boat prize promotion!
I am really on a roll with the instant wins, I never had good experiences with them until recently, i have to tell you im starting to think they are worth it.
heres the email I got from the promotion!
Jennifer Lleras,
We're happy to let you know that you're a winner in the Catch a Boat 3.0 Promotion! You've won a 6' 3 Pc Spincast Combo with Carry Bag, lanyard with tool, and baseball hat, which has an approximate retail value of $57.97. Congratulations!
There's nothing you need to do except look for your prize within 8 to 12 weeks after the conclusion of the Promotion. If we happen to need additional information from you, we will contact you at this email address.
pretty spiffy huh?
I can't wait to go fishing, my husband is really excited!

Win Number: 81

I won a giant vynal banner from U Printing from Momspotted! Jennifer (great name by the way) was kind enough to review her own banner and offer one from the sponsor. I won and designed it for Diego's 2nd Birthday, choo choo themed of course! I will let you know how it looks when it comes in!