Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Win #221 Radio/creative

I listen to mostly talk radio.  I listen to Jason Ellis on Sirius Satellite radio in the afternoons and as i drive home from work.  So while this design for a T-shirt makes absolutely no sense to you it is actually in perfect context with the show. 

The show is a raunchy, no holds barred, sports infused, manly, canada loving kind of show.  I realize that it's pretty diverse just by that brief number of adjectives, jeeze.  So yeah it's basically right up my ally.  Now by Jen Code anything that I participate in in real life that involves a contest I must enter.  So when Jason had a T-shirt contest I for sure threw my hat into that ring.  I designed three but this was my favorite, it stems from a bit they had in which Jason named himself the Great Gazellis while talking about what kind of animal he'd be if he were to swap species.

So I submitted and did not win.  Then they decided to give the top 5 liked shirts on Facebook a consolation prize.  I already had a lot of likes from being one of the first submitters and one of the very select few they actually discussed on live radio.  Well I took the third spot and now eagerly await my box of shwag, will post pictures when it comes to me.  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Win #220

Winning something worth a lot of dough!

ok so that was a terrible joke but at least it lets everyone know that I am super excited to have won something so useful.  I already use natures own products in my house so the fact that I don't have to pay for them for the next few shopping trips is ahh-mazing.  Just like the ahh-mazing blog I won from!

Thank you so much to Teresa for running such a great review blog and for scoring me 10 free nature's products to feed my family!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Win #219

My kids are a marketers dream.  They see it on TV and they want it.  It might be that they watch a lot of sprout which airs a tremendous amount of "made for TV" merchandise and commercials or it might be something else but they want all the things that are advertised there, ala: Dream lites, light up pillows, cups that you shake that make ice cream and slurpees, lights you take to the potty and things you stuff crap into.  Sometimes I wish they would just ask for normal toys that don't have inflated price points and that I don't have to travel to the far reaches of Bed Bath and Beyond to find.

Well the kids saw a commercial For Bendastix and it just so happens one of my favorite blogs, Being MVP (button on the right hand side) ran a giveaway for them and i won, it softens my cruel cold heart when I get to win something that I would no doubt buy at Christmas time.  As a matter of fact one year I won almost all of my Holiday gifts.  So a huge thanks goes out to Being MVP, read her, she is awesome and enter her many giveaways too!