Thursday, September 19, 2013

The post I never wanted to write

18 wins ago, #206 was a unique and excitable win for me.  I won a bouquet of wax roses with a piece of jewelry attached. The win was from Cyndee over at Rude Mom Blog.  I want to start with the fact that while sometimes hard to reach Cyndee has been nothing but polite and flexible in talking to me.  I do not have a ton of information about why the company hasn't sent out the prize but the blogger did inform me that she is also missing some compensation as well so that makes me slightly angry.

So after a huge 224 wins this is the very first time that I didn't get my prize.  While im bummed I have to remember two things.

This happens.
From what I understand in the sweeper community it's a fairly common occurrence.  It's a shame that a company would set up a giveaway and not commit.  It can also sometimes make the blogger look bad or cause tension between them and the readers, which I am not okay with.  Luckily im understanding and I know it is not her fault.

It was Free.
This is my hobby.  It doesn't cost me anything.  I do it when I have time, sometimes I have more time than others but it brings me a lot of pleasure to enter and to win things.  The bottom line is though that This is a prize and while I did a small amount of work to "earn" it, it in question is still something that I didn't have before.  So basically I am not really that upset because it's not like I got the prize and then they took it back, I never had it to begin with so I am not attached to something.  I also get that it isn't that big of a deal, there are more important things to be angry about in todays world.

I will still read Rude Mom, I will still participate in her giveaways.  I will Not be buying or recommending that anyone buy products from Jewelry Candles.

I don't know how to handle the number of wins at this point, it would be easy to just keep going but in fact I have to subtract one win from my tally.  We'll cross that bridge at some point I guess.

Win #224

It's another Dandy of a giveaway!  Thanks to the Dandy Giveaway blog I am getting a case of Fruchi smoothies.  Might not seem like much but this saves me of a whole week of drinks for my kids that I would have bought anyway!  I have never tried this variety so im excited to give it a go!  Thanks to Dandy and if you wanted to read more about Fruchi check out this post here.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Win #223 Thank God.

I say "thank God" because well, for two reasons.  Reason number one, as previously mentioned I have terrible OCD and the fact that my number of wins went that long at 222 is astounding to me.  I was this close to wearing a foil hat and locking myself indoors, I am making a pinchy gesture with my fingers right now to indicate that it was serious.  
Secondly I happen to win by quoting the bible!  How bout that, my title has two meanings, it makes me so happy.  I follow a lot of blogs and stores on Facebook because I enter things and love stuff so much that I click "like" possibly way too often.  The benefit of this is that I get to participate in fun things like "Name that verse Wednesday" from The Melted Crayon store on Etsy.  I happen to come in second place because I quoted Jude and not Ephesians but it so happens that their verses start in the same way so guess what, I still win!  
I ordered these two sets for my kids stockings and it was only $4.75 because of shipping.  I feel like today is obviously blessed, mostly because I can officially feel not anxious about the looming 222 that was on the blog.  PHEW!  Go check out The Melting Crayon because she is awesome and that is all.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Win #222

This is an awesome win, it's another from the Funky Monkey first and foremost. Secondly it's going to aid in a great picture this year with my daughter.  The prize was any one item from Sweet N Sassy.  I chose a similar headband for her to wear for her pictures this year.

I must say that I do suffer from mild to severe OCD and the fact that this is win 2-2-2 is going to drive my bonkers until I win again.  I am already having anxiety over it so dear winners gods please let me win soon so I can get rid of this annoying number from my life, thanks.