Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Win #280

Small victories lol.  I have rekindled my love for instant wins, I am back on a roll!  I used to have to pay money on OLS to get access to the instant win lists and now I can get them for free so I am entering them all daily!  I hit this free Twix win after about 6 times, so thems good odds!

Win #279

I always feel weird classifying House Party items as wins, because technically I have to work to get them, I have to host the party and do all the Party Pact Activities etc...  I still feel like this one is hella amazing, I am so freakin' excited for this to come, plus the party pack they send is LOADED with cool free stuff for me to have and share!  House Party is a website where you can apply to receive and review things, you have to host a party where you share the product and the freebies with family and friends, check it out!

Win #278

The Coupon Clipinista posted in her instant wins section this awesome Skoal Sweeps where you can win new prizes each week.  I scored an awesome waves forever water bottle.  This is really an awesome and expensive bottle, I can't wait to get it.

Win #277

I has been a fantastic week of wins for me.  I have to thank The Coupon Clipinista for posting all of the instant wins that I wouldn't have access too with her help!  I scored a whole bunch of stuff and this one is part of the summer Corona Sweeps.  I won a pair a bottle opener sunglasses, they are a bit cheesy but my son will enjoy them I am sure!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Win #276

Literally immediately after the last post I went to check up on the Coupon Clipinista on Facebook and found a new instant win, she claimed it was "HOT HOT HOT".  I went, I entered my info, I tried and I instantly won on the first try!  You need to go follow the Coupon Clipnista and then you can enter all the instant wins too, and get daily reminders from her!

win #275

It may be a small win but I need to tell you the big way that I am finding these sweeps.  I have started following Coupon Clipinista on Facebook and I can barely keep up with the Sweeps, Instant Wins, Free Samples and Promos that she posts all day long.  I used to sign up to a premium membership to OLS to help me find the instant wins and special high value sweeps from various companies but the Clipinista gives them away just for trafficking her website.  I just have to say you'd be a sweeping idiot to not follow her, like her and enter the contests and sites she recommends, it's truly like having a little sweeping angel to help you along!

Win #274

Thanks to the Fashion Maven Mommy and her love of all things, Fashion, style, Hair and Makeup, I was able to score a bottle of Style Edit root concealer and dry shampoo!  I just received this one in the mail too, I will update as soon as I get to try it out.  Thanks to the Maven for another great win!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Win #273

The Wanderer Soul (Willowbey) is a new blog I just discovered!  She does a ton of giveaways and they are mostly low entry and all listed really easily on her side bar!  I won a cool Spiral Ninja and Im going to use it to eat healthier and try new recipes!!!

Win #272

Real Mom Reviews is a great blog for reviews on clothing, food, and gadgets!  She's another one that I visit often!  I was able to snag two smartphone pockets from one of her giveaways and im excited to put them on my gym shorts that don't have pockets and test them out.  What a cool little gadget!

Win #271

Koupon Karen is a great blog that I feel like has been around for so long!  I have seen a lot of review and giveaway blogs die over the years and this is one that I have been following for years.  Thanks to Koupon Karen this bad boy, LugaLake portable speaker system, (In silver) is now the best thing to happen to my kitchen since taco Tuesday.  I listen to my music on it and it holds my ipad so i can read recipes!  I love this one so much, I am super happy, thanks Koupon Karen!

Win #270

Kikkoman has a special social toaster part of their site you can go to if you want to be an "Insider" to the brand, they offer points per social media event you participate in etc...  It's fun and I get special coupons and discounts for participating.  I randomly won a free rubber ducky for being logged into the site and earning points!

Win #269

It's a little win from Texas Mommy Savings blog but it still gets cataloged and it still makes me super happy!  Thank you to Texas Mommy Savings and Reviews for the great Deckopedia game for my kids and I to play on our net road-trip!

Win #268

Number 268 is brought to you by the Funky Monkey Blog!  It's always a favorite of mine, I visit everyday and enter all their contests, they give away adorable Etsy shop merchandise all the time, lot's of jewelry!  They also have low entries!

Thank you to Funky Monkey and also to Letter and Sphere for the hilarious cute sign which now lives in my kitchen, where I get a lot of shit done.