Thursday, December 19, 2013

Win #243!

It's rare I score on Facebook, it's just a saturated market...  That being said I still throw in my hat a lot of the times for the companies that I follow.  Nashelle is one of those companies, they make adorable custom jewelry and they hosted a 12 days of Christmas giveaway that I happen to catch while working from home and tossed my comment into, low and behold I won one of these great initial bracelets.  So happy, a great little Facebook win to throw into the mix.  Go check them out and like them on Facebook.

Win #242!

It's a Dandy Giveaway winning type of day!  I love Dandy, I win from them all the time and I love all their reviews and giveaways.  So thanks to them I have a new lip balm on it's way to me, the end of December has been a winning week.  I talk up Dandy all the time, nothing has changed, they are still an awesome blog and worth visiting daily.

Win #241

Gosh I love Christmas time giveaways, it's just like shopping online for all the stuff I want!  I go enter Cher's giveaways at Mom and More every single day, she has an entry method that you can vote for her and get an extra entry every single day.  Again her's are mostly low entry, talking like under 3,000 which in my eyes is pretty sweet, especially when you are stacking those daily entries!

Thanks to Cher I will have my very own Springfield Doll for my little girl to enjoy, think I will be saving her for her February birthday. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Go check out Cher's blog and try to win for yourself!

Win #240!

I haven't won from Mitch over at Gay NYC Dad in a long time, I still go see his blog every day and enter all his giveaways.  They are easy entry and relatively low entry as well, plus he's amazing at getting stuff in the mail super duper fast.  Thanks to him I scored a extra x-mas or birthday present for my son, he loves ninja turtles so this is just a great win for me.

Go check out Mitch here and enter away, I get 4 entries for every giveaway, Email, twitter, Facebook and Google.