Friday, December 26, 2008

Win Number 30

I finally won some cute baby shoes! There have been tons of baby shoes promotions from lots of companies on the mom blog market, and I was trying to win some especially because all the mom's give them great reviews. So thanks to Mommy Mandy I scored Diego the pictured shoes from Robeez and some great socks too! he is going to be the most stylin baby around!

Update: Baby shoes are a popular blog giveaway, I still haven't won a pair of "see kai's". I did love the robeez. He has worn all the socks already but not the shoes yet, they are leather soled and really soft though! he should start crawling in about 3 months!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Win Number 29

Goodies for Mom has graciously offered a ton of goodies and giveaways for the holiday season. I won the make your own gum kit from Glee Gum! I can't wait to make my own gum, im ganna save it for a rainy day so we have something fun to do.

Update: This was a fun win, we gave it to our neighbor boys and I believe they had a great time with it too. It smelled great and it came super fast after the win!

Win Number 28

Wish List Worthy is a great blog for anyone who loves to shop! They do reviews on products for just about everyone, including baby and Mom. Aimee reviewed and gave away a baby K'tan Carrier and I am the lucky winner, this is the second carrier I won but I know I will like this one better because it involves no wrapping, the other one I have yet to figure out, im saving it for when I have Diego so I can watch the instruction video online.

Update: this is my second K'tan win and having the extra one was great, because my son spits up a lot. I love using this and recommend it to everyone! It really is a great product.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Win Number 27

So you know what my favorite candy in the whole world is? Yeah, it's Ferrero chocolates, I got my first taste of these guys way back when I worked for this swank salon and they put them out every holiday for customers. I ate most of them when people weren't looking. So thanks to the crooked Eyebrow and her many Holiday giveaways and wish granting. I am getting one of these awesome Ferrero candy trees for myself!

Update: I didn't think I was ever getting these, they came long after Christmas, but heck they are my favorite candies!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Win Number 26

I was just about to tell Jaime this morning he better get me some replacement blades for my favorite razor to put in my stocking. Just then I receive and email that I won a Mommy Goggles giveaway, which includes a new Razor, replacement blades and some sweet shaving creme. These thing make me smile, i don't care that all my win lately have been small, it's honestly the small ones that make me smile when the come in the mail. Plus I really do enjoy reading Tanya over at Mommy Goggles so it's nice to get a little "thank you". Check her out she does ton's of giveaways!

Update: This was already the razor I was using, I love venus! It came just in time too, I was in dire need of refills. The shaving cream it came with smelled awesome, it was avocado and I loved it!

Win Number 25

Thank you to Alienpinked's blog where I have the pleasure of winning some great Mary Kay lotions. The scents include Bamboo and Lotus, I am really going to enjoy these if they don't sneak into my Mom's stocking first. If you need some Mary Kay stuff or just want to read about a busy busy woman who also loves to donate and do nice things for people check her out, she's fairly new to the blogesphere but I have a feeling she will do good stuff!

Update: This came super fast and was a great prize, I kept some for me and put some in stockings at Christmas! really great prize.

Win Number 24

Thanks to Lisa Reviews for holding the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Giveaway. I won one of five gift cards to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Company. I haven't decided what to buy yet but I am thinking that I want this blue steel bottle, Jaime keeps telling me I need to stop drinking out of plastic and he's right I really do. The gift card is for 5 bucks and as tempting as the 100% Kona is I may have to try to restrain myself. Lisa Reviews does lots of giveaways, her button is on the bottom of the blog if your interested!

Afterthought: The graphic designer who clipped out the above picture really needs to be fired, it wasn't until I uploaded it to my blog on black that you can see the bad clip job, sheesh!

Update: I got this gift card but I haven't used it yet, I am waiting to see if anything goes on sale so I don't have to shell out a bunch of cash to get something with it.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Win Number 23

Thanks to Lille Punkin' Reviews for spreading the word on Fair Trade practices into the US and as well for the awesome free Joobles stuffed monkey, my second option is for the Giraffe but I have a feeling the monkey is on his way! Diego has every single animal from his bedding set represented in stuffed animal form now! Check out Lille Punkin and Joobles if you want the linkage is all here!

Update: This little guy came quickly and is very nice. he is soft and well made and my son enjoys him. My husband says his face is creepy, but I like him!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Win Number 22

Second win in one day WOW!!! I really like the Berrie Sweet Picks Blog, it's funny I was just reading some of her reviews before I got the email telling me I won! It's for Sassy Mom's and baby's with attitudes so it's right up our ally! I won a super cute Zebra for Diego, his nursery is the best theme ever!

Here is what Pauline had to say about Oopsy Daisey Zebra: My current fave is the 20" tall Oopsy Daisy Zebra from Sugarplum Dreams. I'll admit that the $65 price tag might be a bit shocking for a stuffed animal, but it is more than worth it when you learn the story behind this adorable and visually stimulating plush pal. Thanks Berrie Sweet and Sugar Plum Dreams! She's in my sidebar and in my button queue!

Update: This guy is so awesome! He is big and cute and hand made with lots of love! My son loves him and he is so well constructed! He took a while to come, I had to email the blog owner to get him but otherwise so awesome!

Win Number 21

Win number 21 comes from the awesome Blessings Abound. This is another great Mom/review blog. She does tons of giveaways and she's also a great Mom who homeschools and love Jesus! I check out all her reviews, she over on my dailies if your interested! So thanks to Blessings I now have $50 to spend over at Pukies! I am going to get Burp clothes and a cute little shirt for Diego, they are all organic soy cotton by the way, GO GREEN! Thanks again Blessings Abound and Pukies, we are so happy to win this one, I need more burp clothes!

Update: The code didnt work the first time so I emailed and they just sent my stuff directly to me, I like the burp clothes. I wish they were bigger, they also warp in the dryer a bit. I ordered the rest of my gift card money las tweek, I ordered pants!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Win Number 20

I knew I was due for a win soon! Win number 20 is from the awesome Superdumb Supervillian blog, they had a tea party with lots of tea inspired gifts! Thanks again and Superdumb should also be on my sidebar so go check her out! The tea is Mighty Leaf and I hear from Valeta it's the awesome!

Update: these teas were amazing! They tasted great and the box they came in was really lovely. We drank all that tea in record time, I loved the chai flavor, yum!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Win number 19

I really don't know what's better, winning stuff, or winning food. This morning I won an Etsy giveaway and i have four pounds of brownies coming to my door soon. Maybe they will make it in time to take to my last birthing class so I can share them! Thank you to Simply Sentimental for having the giveaway and also to Steel City Bakery for making the brownies!

Update: My brownies took forever to come. They were really greasy and they did not taste good, maybe it was because they were sugar free. They were around for the home birth and some people tried them, nobody told me about them though. I had one over ice cream with chocolate syrup and it was much better that way.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Win number 18

Thanks to My Trendy Tykes I am now the proud own of $100.00 worth of Weimen cleaning supplies, WOOT! My prize package includes:

-Wrights Silver Cream
-Perfect Planet Floor Cleaner
-Weiman Furniture wipes
-Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes
-Weiman Granite Wipes
-Wonder Mop
-WonderFiber Cloth

Hope it gets here in time to try out before Diego comes!

Update: What fantastic cleaning products! We are sold and we love these so much. The boxes came fast and I use everything! They work great too, we even bought more weimen products because we liked them so much.

Win number 17

I won this gift basket a few minutes ago! LOL, everyone thinks I am crazy and that I am super lucky or something, it's just odds, strictly odds. I think at this point I am just posting them to keep track for when I enter guiness book of world records for most online contests won!

Update: this was a nice basket. I used pretty much everything. even gave my grandma the dough boy to replace her old original vintage one!

Win number 16

I won a $100 dollar gift card to the online store: A Much Better Store. The specialize in organic, healthy and responsible parenting supplies! Think slings, cloth diapers, and nursing supplies just to name a few! I couldn't believe it, what a way to start my morning, SHOPPING! I got a sling and some teething bling (jewelery your baby can put in it's mouth and it won't hurt them or drive you nuts!) Before you comment about how you hate me Val, I totally used my left over money (it was actually hard to spend it all) to get you a little something something too!

The sling I picked out, one less thing for us to buy, AWESOME!

Teething Bling, I got a necklace and bracelet!

Update: I absolutely love my sling, I use it all the time to calm the baby, he likes it too! the teething bling isn't needed yet but it came nicely packaged and looks great, I wore the bracelet already and my son doesn't even have teeth.

Win number 15

I have been obviously reading a ton of stuff on toys and baby products over the last 8 months or so. Something I have noticed is that there is a large majority of the parent population who are switching to mainly soft and wooden toys. You can be more sure that the toys are chemical free and even come from fair trade companies this way. I entered another contest, I do everyday by the way, which ever awesome Mom blog is giving something away and lots of them do weekly! At the Posh Passy they were giving away a nice set of soft blocks so I took advantage, and I won! Diego should love these, I think they're great!

Update: These came and are great, they look cute in my sons room and he's starting to love to hold stuff now and really likes them!

Win number 13 & 14

This week I won twice! My first winning, which I am weery of putting on because when I entered I knew if I won I was giving it to someone special I know for Christmas, I thought of her right away. Oh well, so from the Mojo site I win a cool Ramen Noodle coin pouch!

Update: Gave this to my best friend for Christmas, she loves it!

and from the famous author Susan Heim on parenting blog I scored a sweet Baby Dipper bowl, these are really cool, I can't wait to start feeding Diego!!!

Update: a few more months and I can finally use this, im so excited for it, it looks really cool!

Win number 12

So I think im done trying to get that Wii, there are people out there with better resources than me, oh well, maybe I get one for Christmas this year. If I don't it's probably for the best since I will have a baby to take care of and all that kind of fun will be sucked from my life and replaced with the fun of feeding the baby, bathing the baby, and getting to do all those "first" things with him! On a Winning note though I did score this amazing Silver and Saphire necklace from handmade showcase via Batiz Jewelery. Someone will more than likely be getting a really nice Christmas gift this year!

Update: It wasn't as awesome as I thought it would be. it is an expensive necklace but it doesn't look like its expensive. I gifted it to our nanny for Christmas. when it arrived it was horribly tangled as well. I have seen her wear it and it is quiet nice on her!

Win number 11

I did win some more this weekend, even after the awesome shoes, got some massage oils coming from Unique Garden Essentials via Love Etsy Feedback. I do love this blog because I get to learn more about some of Etsy's top sellers, I love handmade stuff!

Update: I used this oil on my pregnant belly everyday after my aveda oil ran out, I still got a few stretch marks but they aren't too dark. It smells great!

Win number 9 & 10

possibly the best win to date! I read metropolitanmomma at least once a week, she does great reviews and tons of giveaways. It's hard to win a giveaway from her because she has so many readers but I enter tham all anyways. I think this is the best giveaway so far, I am the new owner of the pictured shoes, a $75 dollar value too! I would never splurge on these for myself so I am excited to get them and I can save them for the after baby walks to get my body back!

update: They did not have them in pink so I wound up with blue, still they are awesome shoes and I can't wait till it's a little warmer to wear them!

sage and savvy had a terra tees giveaway and I am getting the little bee hive onsie for Diego! it's all organic and wonderful and green for my environmentally aware baby.

Update: Diego doesn't fit into his onesie yet but he's almost there. the quality of it is great and they sent a nice note too!

Win number 8

Yep, sorry if your getting bored with these. I won a basket of indulgence, exactly what I need right?!? I haven't decided if I want to keep it or give it to someone who really needs to relax, maybe for Christmas. All I know is it will be hard to pass up on that lotion and big massaging scrubber thingy!

Update: This basket was very cute and I gave it to my uncles girlfriend for Christmas.

Win number 7

I won some awesome hand made natural soaps, I was so hoping I would win this one, I love soap and I miss buying expensive bars like these, we used to use aveda rosemary mint soap. We picked out three fun flavors and I am hoping i get these in the mail soon! Via this blog by the way!

Update: These soaps were amazing. we both loved them and it made my husband insist that we use handmade soap from now on, we keep trying new ones. right now he's addicted to lush soaps.

Win number 6

I got the email this morning and it is by far the best giveaway win to date, free gas! I got a BP $25 dollar gift card from Wisconsin Mommy. I won out of 495 other people, I feel so lucky!

Update: My husband used this gas car right away, it was a good win!

Win number 5

Yes, yes I did win something else this week, but it is very small and going in someones stocking or on top of a gift for Christmas so I am keeping to myself exactly what it is!

Update: This was a camo tissue car carrier from an Etsy blog win. I gave it to husband for Christmas in his stocking. He uses it everyday in his car!

Win number 4

I am so addicted to blog giveaways now, they are too easy and too much fun! I won the bearly clock giveaway from this blog and I can't wait to get it, it's totally going in the kitchen, remind you of someones awesome tattoo? oh and did I forget to mention it's made from a recycled record, maybe even Rock Lobster, you never know!

Update: We got this clock and hung it in our kitchen for a while. It never worked properly and the hands were very loose. Husband fixed them but it still didn't work well. although its beautiful its in my garage at the moment.

Win number 3

Hey guys I must make a new tag that says winner or something because im still getting free stuff from all my blog contest entries, I am keeping my fingers crossed for some more baby goodies. This week I win Halloween notecards from susanestellekwas and some candy corn lip balm from daisycakes. It was all from Christopher and Tia another awesome Mommy blog and artsy too! Their Daughter Eleanore picked my name, so thanks Pumpkin!

Update: I sent this really cute note card to one of my best friends for Halloween, her boyfriend was mad that they didn't handmake similar ones. I gave the gloss to my friend at work because I am not a fan of the candy corn flavor.

Win number 2

I have become addicted to entering Mom blog giveaway contests, I do as many as I can a day. It's fun and I get to learn about all the cool stuff that makes Mom's lives easier! Boston Mamas held a giveaway that was sponsored by they make the ultimate swaddle blankets and some other fine baby products! I commented about their cool designs and stylist colors and my number came up so my comment was choosen and viola! I am the winner of the burp clothes! I will be sure to post a picture when they come in the mail!

Update: Turns out after I asked for the blue ones I got them, even though the blog owner pointed out to me that the contest was for pink ones, not a big deal. I would have used pink anyways. I still have these and love them! they are super chic and work well. I use them so much they now have stains, they are my favorite burp clothes after my organic cotton ones!

Win number 1

A while back I entered into a ton of drawings from the Bloggy Giveaway Blog, when they had an extravaganza going on. I posted about it here. I finally got my prize yesterday, although it's a little late in the summer to be getting it I will save it for next year, if Diego doesn't fit into them or need it it will make a great gift for someone! So thanks again!

Update: I still have my first win and I am excited to use it this summer with Diego, it will be his first pool experience! I am glad the swimmers will be his size!