Thursday, June 4, 2009

Win Number: 38

I have been too busy lately to read any blogs let alone enter any contests, but the other day I took a half hour to enter some and read some reviews too, because I enjoy it and I was taking some time for myself. It paid off because my name got drawn! This is really similar to my first win ever. I was over at lille Punkin' Reviews, she reviews food and children's stuff as well as keeps us info med of new products and recalls. So thanks to Lindsey i am getting a great prize pack from huggies and juicy juice, my two favorite things! Diego wears huggies and I have been using the little swimmers since he does like the pool and I have been drinking juicy juice since it came out I think! mmmmm cherry. Thank you to Lindsey and thank you also to Huggies and Juicy Juice, Huggies has been doing a lot for babies and families lately so you should definatly give them a try.

Update: This turned out to be a way bigger prize than I thought, I got over $100.00 n free coupons including two 100 count boxes of diapers and a free 400 count box of wipes, not to mention free juicy juice (my favorite) and a bunch more stuff, I was shocked at how much I got!


kasandria said...

Congrats on all the wins! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Kylinsmom said...

So cool that you can use the coupons, too! I have kiddos in diapers, so I know what a blessing the free ones can be! Thanks again for participating in my giveaway :)