Monday, March 15, 2010

Win Number: 61 (First March Win!)

We have our first win of March! I feel like I was reading so many blogs and entering so many contests that it should have happened sooner, but...
I am really happy to say that the first win of March came from one awesome blogger, Mahaylas Mommy is a blog where I like to read about personal stories, awesome baby sales, and cool reviews of course.
Diego and I won a pillow pet, we picked the moose for him and I already know he loves them so it will be a nice addition to our toy family. Sarah over at Mahaylas Mommy is giving away another one this week, so head on over and enter, I don't think I can enter again so feel free to go for all the extra entries I normally say not to so that I can win. Also read some of her posts because she's a really nice and sensitive person with good things to say.


Evie's Story said...

Good Morning!
I saw that you are a regular participant in another Giveaway site. i just wanted to invite you to visit and enter ours. We have a $75 gift Certificate to Luna Belle Boutique that we are giving away this week. New goodies every Friday. We'd love for you to join the fun:-)
Have a wonderful week!

Cascia said...

Congratulations on your win! You have a very cute blog.

Thanks for stopping by Healthy Moms! Have a terrific Tuesday!