Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I've been busy, otherwise known as Wins #'s 66-76

It's hard to believe that I have won ten times and havn't found the time to post a single one. I have to admit I do feel some winners guilt because I know I can't spend all day dedicating ten individual posts so I will have to list them here with respected links and hope the sweepsstakes gods smile upon me. Either that or I might have to sacrafice a goat, which reminds me I miss Rome a whole lot, god bless HBO and it's amazing production quality. I digress...

Without further ado these are the wins I had yet to document:

#66-Crayola Prize Pack Giveaway (I let my son keep some and donated some to a school supply drive)
#67-Bon Ton Gift Card (the sponsor gave me this in paypal which I thought was amazing)
#68-Ziggy and Friends Print
#69-Five Wood accessories Wooden cuff bracelet
#70-Recipe Box
#71-Everly Grey $200.00 maternity shopping spree (best prize evar!)
#72-Nacho mamas T Shirt
#73-Mommy Maestra Bilingual Flash Cards
#74-CSN Gift Card (Spent on Christmas presents)
#75- Johnsons and Johnsons Naturals Prize pack(saving for the new baby)
#76 Yo Gabba Gabba Prize Pack (saving that for Diego's stocking)


Tracy said...

Congrats on your great wins!

CA Monkey Momma said...

Congrats on winning that CSN gift card on my site:


:D I have more giveaways come closer to Valentine's day! GOOD LUCK WITH ALL YOUR FUTURE WINS!! :D