Monday, May 20, 2013

Bissell with Fabreze Hawaiian Aloha scented Carpet Deodorizer Review

I just recently starting receiving items for review in the online community.  Obviously I read a huge amount of them given my obsession with giveaways and Mom blogs.  Bissell and Fabreze were kind enough to send me a full sized sample of the New Hawaiian Aloha Scented Carpet deodorizer to try out!

Let me start by saying that I have mostly hard wood floors, however, the one very carpeted room is my living room and the carpet gets MAJOR traffic.  80% of our family and household activities take place in our living room.  So to set up the equation for you it looks something like this:

Kids + Cats + Carpet = Stinky, Stainy and Unsightly Squared

I vacuum every other day and even then it seems like five minutes later there are Doritos or hair balls mushed into my rug.  Why do you think I chose the dark multi-colored shaggy carpet, I had stains and kid liter in mind.  

I used the carpet deodorizer and immediately I loved the scent.  My honeymoon was in Hawaii and it's no secret it's the most beautiful place in the U.S.  I sprinkled a generous amount over the whole rug and walked away to clean my bathroom while it had time to work. 

I really dig the size of the container because after one use I still felt like I had enough left for several more applications.  It vacuumed up easy and didn't put a dent in my vacuum canister at all!  My carpet looked great and I got down on my hands and knees to give her a whiff and she smelled great!  In fact a few days later I could still smell the tropical clean scent.

I don't have any complaints at all, I love honest reviews and I wish I had at least one negative to throw at you about this but it really lived up to everything it said it was going to do.  At the price of 3.49 a can it's very economical as well!

Im happy with the product and already recommended it to my Mom who has three dogs and is constantly fighting to get smells out fo the rugs in her house.

Thanks go out to Bissell and Fabreze for the sample to review.  All of the opinions are mine solely and are an honest reflection on my experience with the product listed.

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