Thursday, October 24, 2013

Win #231, a very special and creative win

A friend of mine turned me onto a really cool site that's still in Beta, created by a former google employee that involves art and collecting.  I signed up and it took all of five minutes for me to become addicted to NeonMob.  Basically it's a virtual card collecting club in which all the cards are created in sets and each set is created by a different artist.

Everyday you get free sets to open and you can collect and trade to obtain an entire set.  I have 4 complete sets right now and am working on more.  Each set of cards has a theme and includes chases and variants.

It's like a fancy version of pokemon crossed between Magic the Gathering with a sprinkle of art school all tied together with the magical goo of evaporated spit from mouth breathing nerds.  I love it.

So I have already won just by discovering said website.  Well you all know that when a contest email was sent out to member I had to participate.  I have a good record of winning anything that involves creativity.  Im an artist myself what do you expect?  So basically you had to write a short description for one of the cards in the latest set.  Check out the blog post from NeonMob creator here.  I won runner up and my prize is a very special and rare variant card.  Be jealous nerds, be very jealous.

So if you want to join me please do, sign up and start collecting and trade cards with me, it's fun and why not?  The best part is that it is really only about 5 minutes out of your day, it's not a site you spend hours on and there's no commenting or drama like that.  You don't necessarily interact with other members aside from the trading.  So it's fun, not time consuming and drama free.

Should you want to sign up please use this link:


For every friend I invite I get extra cards, im not selling you for extras either, it's really fun and I would invite you all even if there was no incentive. So what are you waiting for!

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