Thursday, January 23, 2014

Win #247

I won something from the flairist blog a while back, I really nice piece of jewelry to be precise.  This was a contest for just their twitter and Facebook followers.  I almost feel like I stole this sweater from them because only 15 entries were received.  Maybe they are in need of a marketing/social media coordinator (wink wink). I winked because that's my job, stay with me people.

The flairist is actually a phenomenal blog/entity that focuses on young and inspirational women with goals and aspirations to become more.  I love their writers and I love their outlook.  Anything that inspires young women to be more empowered and teaches us how to take control of our lives, careers and self image is alright in my book.

So go check them out on Facebook and like them, it's worth it.

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