Friday, March 7, 2014

Win #255

This is just crazy.  So I got an email yesterday that I won, it happens all the time.  Then I open the email and realize that it's not just a win, it's 36 wins in one.  I have never won a grand prize from a blog before.  Basically it was sponsored by 36 companies and each gave a prize then you had to like all the facebook pages in order to gain entry.  So I liked them all and I kind of let it fall off the radar until I WON!!!

So I can't begin to post pictures of everything but here is a list of the sponsors:
Stickybellies (received)
3 month card box (received)
zipadee-zip (received)
Babynav (received)
A necklace (received)
Gladrags (received)
Wine Charms (received)
Baby Dipper (received)
Smart playrooms (received)
San Diego Bebe (received)
Z-cush (received)
Today I ate a rainbow (received)
Parking Pal (received)
Butibag (received)
Bubbles and Buttons
ZizzyBees (received)
Assessables (received)
Quick Split (received)
Southern yankee (received)
Woombie (received)
Baby Bindle
Wee Urban
Baby Jack (received)
Refresh a Baby (received)
Crave Simple (received)
Chico bag (received)
Bitty Lab (received)
Lillybit (received)
Drawstring Studio
Baby undersocks
Maria Dismondy (received)
Psibands (received)
8 to the bar (received)
The Diaper Clutch (received)
Pully Pals (received)
Henris Reserve

So I have no idea how to thank the sponsor enough, it's so amazing.  I am not sure what the prize adds up to amount wise but I am going to be calling it my biggest win to date.  I am going to be getting SO MUCH MAIL.  I also won out of 44 thousand entries so this just goes to show that sometimes you do win those high entry contests!!!  


The Quick Split said...

Your excitement is awesome!!! So glad to see this, and can't wait to send The Quick Split to you! :) –Tina, Owner at The Quick Split LLC

Jennifer Lleras said...

Im anxiously awaiting the huge influx of mail to my house lol!