Friday, September 18, 2015

Winning all the cash by taking surveys

I usually take online surveys for cash or gift cards all year long, I had a few months this year that I went dormant, for personal reasons.  When my son started talking about wanting a play-station for Christmas I got a little bit of sticker shock because those run $400.  So I made it my mission (Since August) to make $400 in survey money to cover the cost of the play-station, that way I spend nothing out of pocket and Christmas will be fun and not cost that much.  Right now I am up to $287, I think I am going to be able to do this.  I take them in the morning and when I am on lunch, in all my spare time.

It took a while to weed out the really profitable sites and the ones that are easy to work with and have the best surveys and cash out options.  I do have to credit Coupon Clipinista, even though she banned me for no reason and I can no longer like or comment anything there, for the guidance to be able to choose the right sites.  She also has excellent tips on how to make the most from them.

So without further ado, here are the sites i use and the money I have made thus far this year (With a huge break)

Valued Opinions - I have made $100 so far, they do not offer too many survey's, but they do send you an email when they are available.  They have good rewards and you can cash out Pay Pal or Amazon.  They do charge a lot for redemption, on my $100 I will only get $75 in gift cards.

InstaGC - Endless, endless surveys and offers.  Adds up fast and you can cash out Pay Pal or Amazon.  Some of the offers can be spammy but for the most part it's awesome.  I have about $45 for 2 months worth.

Opinion Outpost - Lots of easy surveys, can cash out Pay Pal or Amazon, they send you emails, Easy to rack up money on here.  I have about $60 in two months.

Ibotta- This is an app I use on my phone and if you use it you can cash in on groceries you already buy.  Im up to $35 in two months, can cash out directly to Pay Pal and this is free.

There you have it, I hope you make a ton of money, wish me luck that I make my $400 for my sons Play-Station in time!

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