Monday, March 9, 2009

Win Number: 34

Diego just started to grab at stuff and feel things this week. His hands used to be tightly clasped all the time, now he fingers at everything! I have been putting toys in his hands and he even wants to grasp something while he sleeps ( I have been giving him his stuffed monkey's tail). So the fact the I won the giveaway from steals and deals is awesome, I will be the proud owner of a bunch of felt handmade food products from Paisley's playhouse! Diego will love holding these guys for sure and he can drool all over them if he wants (something else he just started to do). Thanks to Amanda at Steals and deals for the giveaway, she does a ton of them so click her on my sidebar, she does great reviews!

Update: We got the felt food and it is great! so lovely! Diego can only have the carrot and banana right now (choking hazard) but he looks so funny holding them, I love it!


ParentsGear said...

Diego is so adorable! Thanks for sharing this pic, Jen!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

LOL, thats not Diego! Thats the stock picture from the blog I won from, it is her baby I think, or the etsy seller who makes the felt food! here is Diego: