Monday, March 9, 2009

Win Number: 33

Normally I don't enter to win books. I don't get a whole lot of reading in and the books never seem to interest me anyway. Wish List Worthy had a book giveaway that was too good to pass up, the "Perfect Baby Handbook". Seeing as how I just had a baby I jumped at a chance to try this book out, plus Aimee at the blog gave it a good review and made it seem funny and practical, just my style! So thanks to Aimee over at Wish List Worthy for the giveaway and the cool book, which I can't wait to receive! Check out her blog from my daily side bar or the link in this post.

Update: I got this book and I read it, I had no idea how funny it was! Seriously I am buying this book for all my friends who have babies. the illustrations are hilarious!

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