Friday, July 24, 2009

Win Number: 43

Thanks To Emily at Giveaway Today for hosting a great give away, well... Everyday! I visit once a day, even if i am not entering contests. She is one of the few blogs where there is just a review and a giveaway and it's easy to enter, just type your name! If you want extra entries you can always do more but the first one is free. I won a $40.00 gift certificate to Taffy Tree and I can't wait to pick some stuff out. Our Uncle has Diabetis and I bet he would really appreciate some sugar free candy!
Update: This was one of the best wins ever! I got the code to get my taffy super fast, it was shipped super fast and I got SO MUCH! I am sending lots of sugar free taffy to our Uncle who has diabetes because he doesn't get sugar free treats very often like that. I also got a bunch of small bags of assorted taffy to put in stockings this year. It was a great prize.

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