Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Win Number: 42

A big thank you to Baby Loving Mama who held a great Yo Baby review and Giveaway. She has tons of great reviews and lots of giveaways too! I am going to get some cool Yo Baby stuff from stoneyfield so Diego can try it. He is finally old enough to try the Yo Baby stuff because it is 6 months and older. Thanks again to Emilie at Baby Loving Mama for the super prize!

Update: I am all out of my free yogurt coupons, Diego love it so I am going to have to keep buying them. He usually eats it for breakfast and by the way I tasted it and it tastes like ice cream, it's so yummy. The vanilla and banana flavors seem to be his favorite. the bowl will come in handy once he starts needed a snack to take with us and the bib is soft and I love it.

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Twenty One and Tons of Fun said...

Hi there,

This is Katie from Stonyfield Farm - I set up the givaway with BabyLovingMama. If you are interested in hosting a similar giveaway on your own site shoot me an email and we can chat!

Stonyfield Farm