Thursday, December 10, 2009

Win Number: 51

Finally! I was beginning to think my luck had run out... So we crossed the 50 win mark as well as got our first win of December! It is a pretty great win too. Mommies with cents is a great blog, I go there pretty frequently, they have enormous amounts of coupons to offer, it's probably the best feature of the site. She does a ton of reviews too, mostly for household items. I was the winner drawn to receive the Hana professional flat iron. I have stupid curly hair that I have been trying to wear straight my whole life, so it's a win that will no doubt go to good use. I can't wait to receive it and try it out, my flat iron now is the same one I used in the early 90's, so you can only imagine how bad it preforms as well as how awesome it's florescent green and pink colors are.

Update: Got my flat iron so fast, and with tons of additional extras. I love it and it works great! I definatly recommend it and the blog I won from as well!

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