Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Win Number: 56 (First Win of February!)

Ahhhhh, I can finally relax, I was totally having win withdraw. I have been doing an extra amount of blog reading and contest entering, one because the football season is over so I am freed up a tiny bit at work, and two because so many more review blogs and Mom blogs exist for me to peruse. I was hitting up "A day in the Life" for her coupon deals and money saving tips. I entered to win a $25 Star Bucks gift card a while back. The best part is the comment was about getting debt free this year, I have to work harder, I am losing site already...

Well anyway, getting this gift card means I will be able to treat myself because part of my plan is not spending an money on things we don't need, and while the coffee here at work is a far cry from the ginger bread latte it is free.

Thank you to Christina for all her coupons and money saving tips and also for the coffee, the $25 will get me about a months worth of coffee treats im sure! go check her out here!

Update: I got my gift card in the mail, I can't wait to splurge on my coffee addiction. A slew of vanilla lattes is in my near future.

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