Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Win Number: 57

In case you hadn't noticed macy's is having a huge campaign for the American Heart Association. The Go red campaign is all over the internet and all over all my favorite blogs. I entered each one I saw and pledged to wear red, why wouldn't you, macy's will even give you extra off your purchase just for wearing red.

The Mom Reviews hosted one of these awesome giveaways, among many others that I wish I could win, I enter all of her giveaways! I was the lucky winner of the Macy's card, $25 whole bucks to spend on whatever I want! I said I wanted new Martha Plates and that might just be what I get too!

head on over and check out The Mom Reviews, if anything there's a ton of awesome reviews and giveaway opportunities in it for you.

Update: I did receive my Gift card and I will be using it this weekend to purchase a new black shrug to war over a party dress for Saturday!

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