Monday, February 25, 2013

Win #166!

I've been a reader of Cake Mom for a very long time, I want to say somewhere in the neighborhood of three to four years!  I've had her buttons up for sometimes too, I bet i've been through a few different button designs!

What I love about her is that she does a ton of reviews and giveaways, mostly of things I need or want! She lists them all and they're easy to get to and i can enter them all from the home page without having to navigate to each individual giveaway!

I scored this space heater, I totally put some good energy behind this one because I've been borrowing the girl who sits near me space heater at work for some time, mostly because she blows a fuse if she uses it and I don't (stupid wires) but also because it's freezing in here.

Thanks Jaime at Cake Mom for the best win of the month!

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