Friday, March 1, 2013

Win Number 167!

Another.  Yep that's right another Funky Monkey win.  It is very true what they say; "you have to play to win".  That is exactly what I do.  I'll have to admit to you, they very first blog I visit every morning is Funky Monkey.  She updates and adds contests daily, sometimes multiple one's a day.  The raffelcopter form is easy, all listed on the homepage so I don't have to redirect all over, the comment entry is already on the form.  This is just the easiest blog to enter through, really.

So I was able to score, with the help of Funky Monkey of course; a wall charge and home button for my iphone via "Designed by You" on  Im super cited.

Please go check out Funky Monkey, don't enter too much though, because I want to keep winning these all the time!

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