Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Win #223 Thank God.

I say "thank God" because well, for two reasons.  Reason number one, as previously mentioned I have terrible OCD and the fact that my number of wins went that long at 222 is astounding to me.  I was this close to wearing a foil hat and locking myself indoors, I am making a pinchy gesture with my fingers right now to indicate that it was serious.  
Secondly I happen to win by quoting the bible!  How bout that, my title has two meanings, it makes me so happy.  I follow a lot of blogs and stores on Facebook because I enter things and love stuff so much that I click "like" possibly way too often.  The benefit of this is that I get to participate in fun things like "Name that verse Wednesday" from The Melted Crayon store on Etsy.  I happen to come in second place because I quoted Jude and not Ephesians but it so happens that their verses start in the same way so guess what, I still win!  
I ordered these two sets for my kids stockings and it was only $4.75 because of shipping.  I feel like today is obviously blessed, mostly because I can officially feel not anxious about the looming 222 that was on the blog.  PHEW!  Go check out The Melting Crayon because she is awesome and that is all.

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