Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Win #155

A few weeks ago as I mentioned in a previous post I started religiously following the Funky Monkey blog.  I have been an email subscriber to them for a really long time and I am not sure what caused our flame to smolder but now it is completely rekindled and engulfing my morning blog readings.  I can't get enough of the craftiness here, it's just outstanding.  There were a few really great Etsy-heavy blogs I read in the past and they seemed to fizzle out.  I digress.

I won a beautiful typographical print from In or Out Designs!  Thanks again to Susannah at Funky Monkey for making my morning lovely again and for holding SO many contests, I plan to win many more in the future.  She really wants everyone to visit her blog so check her out, but please don't enter anything because I need the odds to remain in my favor ;)

Update: I got this print and framed it, I gave it to a friend of mine that I felt really needed it.  I wound up making her cry, she hung it on the wall and I think this was a double win for me because I got to help someone!

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