Monday, January 21, 2013

Win #153!

Natural products Network is a fantastic company that offers natural products at excellent prices and great coupons as well.  They have a Facebook page where they hold many contests and their website is free to use, you just set up an account and you're done!  They held a contest and Posted the first name and last initial of the winner, turns out there were two of us that have that first name and last initial, go figure.  I don't know if I was the true winner or not but the company was kind enough to send us both a prize.  I received a really nice scarf made of recycled plastic bottles and some really sweet affirmation cards.  Thanks to Natural Product network for being so cool to let us both win and also for having such an upstanding company.

Update: I received a recycled scarf made from plastic bottles and some inspirational cards, a really thoughtful thing to send a person who didn't even really win.

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