Monday, January 28, 2013

Creative win# 157!

I love to enter creative giveaways but they often require voting and that makes me hate them with every once of my body, voting contests are hands down the worst thing ever and they are completely unfair in every sense of the word, BUT LET ME TELL YOU HOW I REALLY FEEL!

Well sometimes if you take an extra five minutes to enter a creative giveaway, like this one where The Flairist just wanted to know who your ideal houseguest would be and why.  I was the only one to actually type more than 2 sentences out of almost 90 people.  So obviously I took this one for mine!

here's my entry: "My ideal houseguest would be Martha Stewart. We would make doilies, she would teach me how to properly fold a fitted sheet and together we would make the most amazing beef wellington my family will have ever hoped to taste. In between all of the doilies and properness we’ll secretly discuss prison and how she spruced up her cell and I will educate her on the history of tattoos and abstract expressionism. She’ll be gracious even though I will cut her off often to interject about how one time I made a baby blanket and I learned to use a calligraphy pen to adress my own wedding invitations. Then, when her time closes I will wake up in the morning to fresh squeezed orange juice and a handwritten note on the finest stationary thanking me for letting her be my guest. She will have made the bed, organized my kitchen junk drawers and alphabetized my life. Yes. Yes, martha. You have and always will have an open invitation to my home."

They hold contests like this often and I plan on entering them frequently now that I know how fun they are.  I also can not wait to get this serving set, it's awesome!

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