Monday, March 11, 2013

Win Number 172

Obviously MARvelous is a great blog I read on occasion   I am planning to add it to my regular rotation and try to hit it up everyday instead of once a week!  Th blog owner and I are really similar.  Similar in that we are Obviously awesome, MARvelous and heavily inked.  If you didn't already know, which I am sure you did not I have a lot of tattoos, a lot by normal standards.  According to the tattoo community im pretty average.  I have a chest piece scheduled for this summer so we'll be crossing that line in the sand soon.

At any rate...  I have scored from MAR over at MARvelous a three pack of kisstexx lip glosses.  Super excited because not only did my daughter use an entire pot of very expensive lip gloss from my purse in once sitting yesterday, but also because in the summer I find my lips chap pretty bad.

So while your out sifting the internet for good stuff check out Mar's blog and enter if you want, just not too much, I want to win some more!

Update: I got 8 lip glosses with this win!  They came as duo combinations and are super yummy, of course my daughter stole some but I managed to hide away at least 6!  I highly recommend these!

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