Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Win number 173!

I happen to hit the mother load of low entry giveaways.  Now im telling you all this in good faith because if you all go running over and enter than I will vastly increase myt chances of winning, lol.  I hit this win with less than 150 entries and while I went back to check it out I entered all her other ones that were also around 100-200 entries a piece.  Those are just fantastic odds.

I score for the kids a brand new laser bug vacuum from summit toys!  It has everything we need to rid our home of those awful stink bugs we see everywhere!  The kiddos are really going to love this one!

So without further ado: Check out Dandy Giveaways for some awesome chances at winning some great stuff!

Update: You'll never guess what bug we caught in our bug vacum first!  Oh you guessed it? Yep a Stink bug!  I can't believe that even in the unseasonably cold weather right now the stink bugs are still terrorizing me.  Well not anymore because now my kids come vacum them up for me.  Before I force them to flush or release them outside they are able to check them out in a removable compartment with a magnifying glass!  This is a huge hit at my house and we may have to go get another so the fighting ends.

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