Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Let's talk reviews

If I added all the reviews I have done over the past few months (I have been doing DVD reviews for kids for a longer time) we would literally be talking thousands of dollars, that is how much Estimated Retail Value of the free stuff I am getting is adding up to.  I really kind of just fell into it, I saw a post on NCircle that they were looking for Mom's to review kids DVD's and I responded, then i started getting a free kids DVD once a month.

When I started to follow Coupon Clipinista I noticed all the talk about reviews and getting stuff free in the mail and needing Amazon Prime.  It's all mostly true.  I belong to two review sites, because those are the ones that work for me, and I also am a member of several exclusive type sites that you have to work a little harder at but that get you really nice big stuff to review.  For example here are a few of the big things I have gotten:

$200 Star Wars Toy
$80 Elmo Toy
$800 Vacumn Cleaner
$100 Soda Stream
$300 Bullet type blender
thousands of dollars in small items
hundreds of dollars worth of beauty supplies

the list goes on.

These are the two I use daily:

AMZ Review Trader (You really need to have prime to save on shipping, you also need to have a good Amazon reviewer score, you should be posting pictures and videos whenever possible to get picked for the types of things you want)

iLovetoReview  (They randomly email you when free items become available, you need o be super quick on responding to that email)

These are the sites you can sign up for and they require you to really work at getting chosen, but they can pay off big:

House Party (awesome free stuff, you need to complete tasks and usually email 10 friends to sign up for your "party" within an hour of an acceptance email)

BzzAgent (Great free stuff to try, sometimes big, sometimes small, the better your score the more you get picked, your score determined by your participation in missions)

Smiley 360 (test out free stuff and share with the world, just complete missions and get picked for more stuff)

CrowdTap (take mini polls and earn entries into monthly gift card giveaways, also partake in missions to get samples of toys and items)

So that's about it, you could also work directly with brands, I have been a brand ambassador for NCircle, Fabreeze, Snuggle, and more.

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