Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Win #301

I do tons of reviews and it isn't everyday you get to review something that you truly LOVE and know like crap tons about.  Sorry, I am not wordsmithing like I would like to be today.  Thanks to BzzAgent I received a new Star Wars toy that costs over $200 to review.  Not only do I love Star Wars more than life itself but I also used to work for a toy company that made Star Wars Toys and I also wrote their Star Wars blog.  This wound up being the perfect review gig for me and I am chalking it up as a HUGE win!  I finished all my reviews but here is what I had to say, in case anyone cared:

I am a long time Star Wars Toy Collector, I even worked for the Lucas License designing action figure packaging many years ago. I think of myself as both a Star Wars Expert and also a Toy expert, I am also a mom to a six and four year old who share my love of both. The Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda is impressive, I know what it takes to create a toy like this and the amount of time that goes into it, im sure this was years in the making. He is a great size, he’s about quarter scale to what I imagine he would be in real life, his skin and eyes are lifelike and akin to an animatronic that would be movie/television quality. I love and appreciate his facial expressions and the movements you get in his eyes and mouth.
His clothing and accessories are realistic and true to the movie, my kids enjoyed putting his hood up and down and playing with his cane and lightsaber. His sound quality is amazing, the voice projects and sounds clear. His voice recognition system is great, he even understood both my kids who have terrible childhood lispy accents. We have the R2D2 with voice recognition and they get very frustrated with him. I would say he is more for older children given the amount of skill in using the key words to interact with him and also the importance of placing his accessories in his hands without damaging the connections.
His light saber skills are awesome, he really moves in 360 degrees, he swings his saber around and the noises he makes crack the kids up, it’s as lifelike as you can get with a toy. I enjoyed all three modes of his phrases and interaction, one is force training, the other is lightsaber, and then wisdom mode (use the cane). Out of all three modes the lightsaber Jedi training mode was the most fun, watching him dance around is delightful. My children enjoyed the force mode because you can actually put your hand up and he will walk backwards as if you are using a force push on him. In all the modes you can ask Yoda yes or no questions and he will answer you, this was a huge hit with me, my husband and our kids, we are all apparently going to be rich and famous someday, according to Yoda.
There are a few things I was displeased with. Our lightsaber did not function correctly for about the first 15 minutes of play, I really thought I was going to have to return it, then all of a sudden it started working. Because it didn’t work at first I reverted to the instructions for help and there is no trouble shooting whatsoever. The instruction manual left a lot to be desired, I would have like maybe a nice color trifold that really got in depth explaining what he can do. He also take 6 C batteries which are not included, so be prepared to drop about $20 every time you want to replace his batteries. I also got a lot of repetitive answers from him, I know I have to interact more and then he should up his game, but I hated hearing him say the same thing several times in the first 5 minutes of play.
In conclusion my whole family loves this toy, it will be a hit at Christmas for anyone who purchases him and saves him that long! I think he’s a great addition to any Star Wars collection and a must have for the serious collector.

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