Monday, October 12, 2015

Win #298

Crowd Tap is a new thing I have been trying all last month to try to win gift cards.  You basically go and take little mini survey and polls and earn points to monthly drawings.  Some people in the forums I belong to wind up winning TONS of gift cards each month, mostly Amazon.  I didn't win any this month, which made me sad because i participated a lot, the cool thing though is I qualified for a mission on the site and got a free $80 interactive Elmo Toy that my kids love!  I wound up donating it to day care too since we are over run in toys at my house, that way he gets played with all day everyday.  It's an easy site that can pay off big, I don't ever give up the first time I try one of these things, they sometimes pay off big when you stick with them, and who doesn't love free toys!

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