Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Win number 19

I really don't know what's better, winning stuff, or winning food. This morning I won an Etsy giveaway and i have four pounds of brownies coming to my door soon. Maybe they will make it in time to take to my last birthing class so I can share them! Thank you to Simply Sentimental for having the giveaway and also to Steel City Bakery for making the brownies!

Update: My brownies took forever to come. They were really greasy and they did not taste good, maybe it was because they were sugar free. They were around for the home birth and some people tried them, nobody told me about them though. I had one over ice cream with chocolate syrup and it was much better that way.


Sarah said...

You are one lucky girl! Four pounds of brownies?!? Just a little jealous. :)

sweetsue said...

Congratulations on all your wins! I like blog contests too, and have been winning books-my favorite thing.

stephanie said...

You are a winning machine! Do you know something I don't?? lol Good luck on my giveaway!