Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Win number 12

So I think im done trying to get that Wii, there are people out there with better resources than me, oh well, maybe I get one for Christmas this year. If I don't it's probably for the best since I will have a baby to take care of and all that kind of fun will be sucked from my life and replaced with the fun of feeding the baby, bathing the baby, and getting to do all those "first" things with him! On a Winning note though I did score this amazing Silver and Saphire necklace from handmade showcase via Batiz Jewelery. Someone will more than likely be getting a really nice Christmas gift this year!

Update: It wasn't as awesome as I thought it would be. it is an expensive necklace but it doesn't look like its expensive. I gifted it to our nanny for Christmas. when it arrived it was horribly tangled as well. I have seen her wear it and it is quiet nice on her!

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