Friday, December 12, 2008

Win Number 21

Win number 21 comes from the awesome Blessings Abound. This is another great Mom/review blog. She does tons of giveaways and she's also a great Mom who homeschools and love Jesus! I check out all her reviews, she over on my dailies if your interested! So thanks to Blessings I now have $50 to spend over at Pukies! I am going to get Burp clothes and a cute little shirt for Diego, they are all organic soy cotton by the way, GO GREEN! Thanks again Blessings Abound and Pukies, we are so happy to win this one, I need more burp clothes!

Update: The code didnt work the first time so I emailed and they just sent my stuff directly to me, I like the burp clothes. I wish they were bigger, they also warp in the dryer a bit. I ordered the rest of my gift card money las tweek, I ordered pants!

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